{CASE STUDY} – What happened when I wrote 11 blogs in one day to grow my digital marketing business

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A few days ago, I tried something new in order to grow Imperial Strategy.

I decided to write at least 10 blogs in one day in order to grow my business and boost traffic. It was a gruelling day full of researching articles and blogs for my followers and readers.

Imperial Strategy is for business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to grow their businesses. As you have noticed by now, I am focused on email, blogging and finance as the three key ingredients for people who want to grow their businesses.  I offer a content marketing service, an email marketing and consultation service as well as a blogging marketing service for my clients.

Here are some of the key things that I learned after writing 11 blogs in one day –

  • My top country for blog visits was the US. I received 24 page views from US visitors which was exciting to see. I want to target more content for American readers
  • I received 1 WordPress new follower after writing 11 blogs
  • My first digital marketing case study was the top read article
  • My traffic increased by page views and visitors
  • There was more traffic on my landing pages that are on Imperial’s site
  • It takes a lot of time to write 11 blogs that are interesting
  • Each blog needs to be promoted across Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook
  • By writing more blogs, I received more likes through the WordPress Reader platform
  • It is tiring to write a lot of blogs every day
  • You do feel worried that you are writing too much but at the same time, you want the traffic

I did not receive any new business enquiries but I did receive more clicks on my email subscription link, and there were clicks on a new affiliate marketing link that I am testing out.

I think in the early stages of trying to grow a new business, you do need to write stacks of new content that is interesting. It’s not possible for each slice of content to be an Advanced Guide however I can definitely make an effort to write as much interesting content as possible.

I know many bloggers believe that writing too many blogs per day is pointless but a lot of those bloggers have been at it for years so they have already been ranked on Google and have plenty of traffic. I prefer a more aggressive marketing strategy to get results.

I plan on writing as much as I can per day but it also depends as I have to spend a lot of time sending cold emails to companies asking for new business, and I do need to spend time doing work for clients.

I now have 38 followers from the WordPress Reader platform and I have 56 followers who subscribe via email, according to my statistics. This is very encouraging and proves that by writing more content, I am reaching more people who want to subscribe. Hopefully some of these new followers will want to purchase consultations and strategy documents from me soon.

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