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How to write a convincing cold email if you work in financial services [FREE TEMPLATE INCLUDED INSIDE]

Accountants, financial planners and financial advisors need to market and promote their services without breaching laws. I have some excellent ideas that you can use (for free) in your cold emails and cold sales letters in order to increase revenues. If you are an entrepreneur in the financial services industry, this is a blog post that you need to read and save. For more detailed analysis, you can also sign up to my free email newsletter.

Top tips when writing your sales letter or cold email for selling financial services

  • Don’t bore your prospect – no one wants to hear about gamechanging financial services software. They want to know if it is going to cost or make them money
  • Don’t include links to your company just yet
  • Highlight one benefit of working with you – Maybe your financial services company helps prospects to save money faster than the competitors or you are a top accountant whose money management services has landed you big blue chip clients.

I’ve written a free template below that you can use when selling and promoting your financial services brand. You can use this template free of charge (just let me know that is it worked out for you by commenting or sending me an email). I also can help you create super detailed cold sales emails if you need help.

Free Sales Letter/Email Template For The Financial Services Industry

Hi ProspectName,

My name is XYZ from XXX. This isn’t another generic email telling you that you will save more money by switching to our financial services brand. I noticed that your industry is growing and I think a growing business needs rock-solid financial foundations to prosper.

Can I send you a free checklist on new trends in accounting and financial services that you should know about and how they affect your bottom line?

Let me know if I can send it along or if you have any questions.



As you can see from this template, this is an opener cold email. You won’t sell off the first cold email, you will sell your services off the following cold emails that truly showcase the benefits of your services. You need to use this opener to gently open up discussing since most companies will already have significant accounting or financial service providers. How are you going to stand out? You will stand out by writing a cold email that wants to help your prospects succeed.

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7 Detailed Tips to Creating B2B Content That Generates Leads For Your Business

Generating leads is critical for growing a B2B business. Doing this by content marketing and social media marketing has become more accepted but I’ve noticed that some B2B companies are still struggling to create the content that converts prospects into buyers. This guide is going to explain the type of content that converts into sales but it won’t sugarcoat what you need to do in order to get there.

  • You need to do sales

You can be as passionate about marketing and your product all day but if you don’t go out there and sell your products and services, it doesn’t matter. If you are a B2B consulting company, you have to start cold calling or cold emailing businesses that need your services. To soften the blow, you can add a lead magnet to your cold email such as a free checklist or a free tipsheet that will help your prospect trust you. Every company has their own approach when it comes to doing sales. I think B2B brands that do sales daily or weekly fuelled with appropriate content marketing have the best chance to succeed. For super detailed thoughts on sales, my email newsletter will do the trick.

  • Create a lead magnet that matters for your audience

Let’s say you are running a debt management company targeting commercial businesses. You might want to create a lead magnet to grow your email list so that you can promote your business in the future. An appropriate lead magnet for your target customer base could be something such as a PDF download on how to stay calm and relaxed when dealing with commercial debts. Adding a personal touch in the lead magnet is an excellent way of getting a potential customer’s attention. In order to create this lead magnet, work with a graphic designer or a content marketing writer to communicate your message effectively.

  • Write consistent email newsletters

Guys – email is still king in a sea of social media apps and social companies. Email gets the attention of the people you are trying to target and it acts as a walled garden where you can plant seeds for your brand. You need to be consistent though. I have an exclusive email newsletter that you can get new case studies and my views on growing business, and I do think email newsletters are a good way to showcase your detailed opinions and thoughts while promoting your brand without being annoying.

  • Stop writing annoying salesy content

Whether you are a B2B marketing agency or you are a B2B supplier for industrial companies, the message is the same – no one wants to read annoying salesy content when they are reading an article. I have noticed a lot of B2B companies write salesy calls to action at the end of blogs and articles. This is the wrong way to do it. Let’s say you write an article full of suggestions and tips for your potential target customer base. Do not say ‘Call us to schedule a free consultation’ at the end. People are tired of being sold to through market. A better call to action is to encourage them to sign up for your free email newsletter so they can stay up to date with your business. Stop selling in a way that is super aggressive and annoying. I have plenty of ideas on how you can stop writing annoying calls to action at the end of your B2B content. Here are some good calls to action that you can include that won’t irritate people:

  • Thanks for reading the article – feel free to sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date with what we are up to
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me for more details or sign up for our free email newsletter

Once the person has signed up via email or contacted you, s/he is showing they are interested eventually and you can slot them into your funnel. I’ve already made my point clear – stop overdoing the promotional content at the end of excellent B2B content. It is jarring and annoying. You will sell products and services eventually to people once you have caught them into your orbit.

  • Work with writers who know what they are doing

One of the biggest mistakes B2B brands are making is working with writers who are not detailed or thorough. If you want to create B2B content that will get shared, find a content marketing agency that can do the job or work with a writer with experience. Don’t offer small amounts of money and hope to get New York Times style journalism – it’s not going to happen. I always go into a lot of detail when I am writing my email newsletter so if you want to get an idea of how good content looks, make sure you read my email tips when they come out.

  • Make the content stand out from the crowd

Content has almost lost its meaning in 2018 and it probably will feel stale in 2019. If you want more leads for your business, your content needs to be good. This means everything from your articles, blogs, lead magnets, checklists and PDF downloads needs to stand out. By standing out, I mean go niche or go deep and make sure the content is popping. If you are running a B2B company, you should be creating industry guides, buyer guides for your market and white papers that showcase everything that your company knows. B2B buyers have long cycles and they won’t just pick up the phone and buy today. By creating content that helps people make decisions, you won’t be stuck in a sea of badly written articles online. Some of the best B2B content I have seen includes images, graphics that were created just for that article, table of contents and detailed case studies.

  • Create a lot of content

One of the biggest mistakes B2B companies make is assume that creating 3 blogs a month is enough to promote their businesses. Wrong. There is too much competition for this 2010 marketing strategy. If your business is going to pop with fizz in 2018, 2019 and 2020, you have to create content that matters on a consistent schedule but volume does matter. For B2B brands that want revenue growth to match, update your company blog at least 3 times per week and create one lead magnet once a week to boost email subscription newsletter numbers. This will generate brand new leads for you every week because you will receive organic traffic thanks to your blog being updated 3 times per week and your lead magnet will bring in new leads.

With these 7 tips, you can rehaul your B2B content marketing strategy to suit the times. No one is going to do the work for you and this means having to think long and hard about how you are going to bring leads into your business. I want leads to flow into your business. Incorporate these 7 tips for at least 30 days and let me know how you get on. As always, the best marketing and business tips are found in my exclusive email newsletter – be part of our exclusive club by joining here.