{CASE STUDY} How my digital marketing business has grown after 6 weeks of blogging and content marketing

{CASE STUDY} How my digital marketing business has grown after 6 weeks of blogging and content marketing

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I wanted to share a deep inside look into how my digital marketing business has been growing since I have started blogging on Imperial Strategy. Imperial Strategy is part of my digital marketing business. We do digital marketing, email content creation, blogging and outsourcing as our key services.

I started blogging in January 2018 in order to build my digital marketing business. There was a period of time where I was sick for around 14 days which impacted by blogging. I am thrilled to share my results and metrics with you guys so you can see whether blogging and content marketing actually does work.

OKAY SO – Did blogging actually grow my business?

After 6 weeks of blogging, here are results for my Imperial Strategy business:

  • I’ve gained 51 subscribers who follow Imperial’s blog according to WordPress. The majority of these followers, around 36, are other WordPress site owners and bloggers. The remaining are email followers who have clicked on my homepage
  • I had 1 person in France who clicked on my blogging email course sign up link. S/he did not purchase however they did click on the link to sign up. This person found my sign up link on Twitter after I tweeted it. I was so excited about this.
  • I had 1 person in the Ukraine use long tail keywords to find my site as s/he was searching for how to sell software online
  • I used blogging to land a new clientmy blogs from Imperial helped me land a paying client from a cold approach. I showcased my marketing and analytical ability by showing the client a blog I had written.
  • My traffic has grown – There has been an increase in blog traffic that is organic through publishing my Ultimate Guides that I think are helping people.
  • My content marketing blogs help with traffic but not leads – I have written content marketing blogs such as 35 content marketing tips. These do help to generate traffic but I have not received any organic business leads from them yet
  • My digital marketing blogs are most popular in the US – This didn’t surprise me to see that the US is my biggest market for my digital marketing blogs. I want to invest more time in creating high value content for US readers and hopefully to generate new B2B leads

My takeaway – I like the idea of using blogging for your business, but you need to integrate it with your current cold email strategy and then you should also promote blogs to prospects. I have shown prospects the blogs that I have written on Imperial Strategy to cement my position as a marketing expert.

Blogging on Imperial Strategy has helped me to land a new client and I was really excited to see that someone from France clicked through to sign up for my email course. However, it helped me land a client because I had the foresight to show the client the blogging links I had that were related to the client’s marketing niche.

I actually think the opportunity in blogging comes from creating new products from Imperial. Our footprint is still quite low so 1 click-thru seems inconsequential but when you are trying to grow your business, it does mean something. I think there is an opportunity to grow my email course but I need to be more aggressive on Twitter and create better content on Imperial.

What I have learned after 6 weeks of blogging and content marketing to grow my business

  • The biggest lesson I have learned is ‘content marketing’ as a term makes sense only to a certain slice of marketers. The term is dense and confusing. I am probably going to start using it less. Blogging tips and blogging for business makes more sense for all types of business owners from CEOs, marketing managers and directors. I want to highlight the power of blogging for business and how creating content such as articles can help boost people’s business. I definitely want to decrease the use of jargon.
  • People love long detailed Guides – Writing detailed guides takes tonnes of time and it also can take you away from paying clients. However, it is excellent for search. I hope to write longer Ultimate Guides but when I write them, I want to use them as a platform to promote Imperial Strategy’s writing services so we can write these Guides for other brands and businesses
  • People will contact you if they want to – Realistically, people are interested to contact businesses when they need a solution to a problem. I want to create more problem to highlight problems that Imperial can solve.
  • To grow business quickly, you need to blog every day – I am trying to blog every day but I am also busy working on client projects and trying to create new products. I will make more of an effort to write marketing blogs every day to help build the business and increase website traffic.

Has blogging helped build your business?

How are you going to grow your business with blogging and creating content?

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