{CASE STUDY} – How the New York Times uses email to encourage old subscribers to buy again


If you want to make your business successful, I am constantly telling you guys that you need to build an email list. That said, you also need to nurture your current subscribers to encourage them to purchase your products and services. Learn from the New York Times.

How the NYT gets you to buy digital subscriptions via email

The newspaper is laser focused at encouraging people who have purchased subscriptions before but have lapsed to buy again. I know because I bought a digital subscription last year but I didn’t renew. The NYT sends me emails periodically a few times a week with new offers encouraging me to buy again.

These emails are working because I intend to buy a subscription in the next few weeks

Why did the emails from the NYT convince me to buy again?

  • The emails are aggressive yet subtle
  • There are financial offers and incentives – the paper is always highlighting an offer
  • The emails highlight new stories the paper is working on
  • The emails always show the benefits of being a subscriber

Make your emails like the New York Times if you want to see a revenue boost from your email list.

It’s better to be aggressive than to be a wallflower when it comes to email.

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