How to grow your email list organically

Email 7

Building your email list is going to require serious work. I would love to tell you guys that you can get 10,000 email subscribers organically without any work but that’s not the truth. I’m going to share some key things you need to do if you want to build your email subscribers organically. It is not easy to get loads of email subscribers – it requires tonnes of work.

Start getting new email subscribers

I have more than 50 email subscribers who follow Imperial via email and I also have WordPress followers. I got these subscribers really fast and I got them organically without paying. Let’s get into how you can get email subscribers organically.

Create content that matters

You need to create beautiful content that truly matters to the people who are going to be reading your blog. This means coming up with fresh and unique content marketing ideas beyond just a standard blog or article. If you need content marketing tips or help, I can help you or you can search online to find content ideas.

Write regularly

Don’t miss your writing schedule. You need to write blogs and articles regularly so that your subscribers know that every day or every week you will write content for them.

Create value for subscribers

Email subscribers are spammed with millions of emails every day. Provide value instead of just writing content so you can add one subscriber per day. Value depends on your niche and your market however you know when you have created something amazing for your email followers and subscribers.

Offer a free gift – a lead magnet – to your subscribers

Offer a free lead magnet such as an e-book, a pdf checklist download or a playbook to encourage people to sign up to your email list. You can create this yourself or hire a designer to help you design it.

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