{CASE STUDY} – What I have learned about traffic and SEO since launching a new beauty affiliate site!

One of the most fascinating updates I want to share with you all is the launch of a new affiliate website that I hope to redesign in the coming weeks. You can check it out here – the category is shopping in the segments of beauty, fashion and accessories. The site has a slight slant about personal finances on how to manage your spending for shopping.

In just a few days, traffic has been increasing

Metrics 1

This screenshot is just from a few days of traffic. I had been updating the site with short yet personalised content about product recommendations in the beauty & fashion market. There are so many incredible things I have been learning that I cannot wait to share with you below:

B2B blogging doesn’t generate quick traffic like B2C

Wow, wow, wow. This is probably the biggest thing I have noticed in just 3-4 days of doing this. I love writing case studies and content for you guys here at Imperial, but it doesn’t generate a lot of traffic. I share these ideas to empower you all to grow your businesses and of course if someone wants to work with me, that’s wonderful however I don’t expect anyone to buy immediately. Now with my new B2C affiliate blog, it is totally different. The traffic was immediate from the first day of writing posts. B2C blogs generate traffic so quickly because people are passionate about consumer topics such as beauty, fashion, food, travel and accessories. However, there is more competition in consumer affiliate blogs and there is less loyalty. B2B blogs have more loyalty but less interaction.

Staying on topic is important

Nails 12
My beauty affiliate blog features content targeted to beauty and fashion readers

Since my affiliate blog is in the beauty market, I don’t want to get distracted. My site is different because while it covers beauty and fashion, it has a finance slant in that almost all of the features do include financial tips on managing spending properly. Some of the topics I am focusing on for the site include:

  • Beauty Reviews
  • Fashion Reviews
  • Jewellery Reviews
  • Hair Reviews
  • Shopping Guides
  • Features

The content types that are generating the traffic are beauty reviews, then guides, then features. Features allow me to show off my writing skills however consumer readers want quick and short reviews that let them know if the product truly works or not. I hope to grow the affiliate blog into the best friend of a woman who loves shopping but wants to keep their finances in tact as well. I am fascinated to see the power of reviews for generating traffic. I assumed that people just trusted Amazon’s reviews but it is clear people want reviews from all types of sources.

Being consistent is key

I can see already that the sites that grow their traffic into something incredible are sites that are ridiculously consistent with publishing content. One of the best examples of this is travel website, The Points Guy. This site publishes around x20 articles per day. The articles are not long but they get straight to the point. The site is very successful at affiliate marketing. I am hoping that I can build traffic with this affiliate blog I have launched but I am aware eventually I will need help because I cannot generate all the content alone, especially since I have my digital marketing clients to service and to build my digital marketing business as well.

Creating unique content that isn’t like everything else

Content marketing is no longer a secret. Everyone knows about meta tags, keywords and creating lists for SEO. If I want to build my beauty affiliate site into something special, I need to create unique content that stands out and generates traffic.

One thing I have found that helps is I brainstorm content ideas on paper then I add these ideas into an Excel spreadsheet. Somehow seeing ideas for the blog in a spreadsheet makes it more surgical so it is easy to get rid of the bad ideas.

Working with keyword planners generates better organic traffic

I use Google Keyword Planner to help me formulate content for the site. There is no point writing and hoping it sticks. By using the Keyword Planner, I am already seeing organic traffic coming on its own which is insane. This has never happened with Imperial before.

What I plan to do in the future to grow the traffic

Emoji 1

  • Create a dedicated daily content publishing schedule (ideally x4-10 posts per day, 10 would be amazing!)
  • Creating a social media promotional strategy (Twitter seems to be working best)
  • Find high-paying affiliates and seamlessly integrate affiliate links into the content
  • Publish incredible content that can be shared on Facebook
  • Upload pictures from the site onto Pinterest, linking back to my site

Do you want to jump into the world of affiliate marketing? How do you plan to do it? Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions about digital marketing.

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