30 Types of Content To Write To Increase Web Traffic

This is how I feel when I write content that sparks clients to contact me

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Guys I know the predicament many business owners and marketing managers are in. We all want to increase web traffic and referrals back to our website but it can be so hard to achieve this. People are bombarded with marketing and advertising messages, and frankly they are sick and tired of being spammed by us. Now, the question is how can you create your message in a way that reaches prospects, converts them into clients without being annoying?

I think one of the first things you need to do is create content that is unique and different. One of my most popular types of content on Imperial’s blog is case studies. For some reason, many of you like reading my case study content more than other types of content so I do make an effort to create these as often as I can. Here are X types of content that you need to create to increase traffic back to your website – you can use these content ideas for any market:

  1. Guides – I used to be a big fan of Ultimate Guides but so many people are using them now, they have started to lose their meaning because many Ultimate Guides are written badly. If you are going to do a guide, it needs to be more than 1,500+ words long, ideally in the 2,500+ range because people need to know you are serious. Titles for Guides can be anything from The Advanced Guide, The Beginner’s Guide etc. Don’t write guides unless you are ready to go all out.
  2. Lists – These are good for search but their brevity doesn’t generate comments or shares. I like them every now and then to use to generate targeted traffic to your website.
  3. Case Studies – For B2B companies, this is the Holy Grail of content marketing. For example, if you work in financial services, you should feature case studies of entrepreneurs whose personal finances were changed by you or businesses that have excellent accounting due to your work.
  4. Company News Release – Letting prospects and even competitors know good news is a solid way to present your company as one to envy for the future. You can write it in the style of a news release or a press release, it depends on what you are trying to achieve.
  5. Real Life Essays – Now, this is a bit controversial but for consumer brands, I love real life essays or thinkpieces. Not only are they good for traffic but they set your business apart as having its’ own voice and authority. Remember, we are being harassed quite frankly with so much information – a distinctive voice will do well in this climate. Let me give you an example – if you are running a fitness or weight loss company, you could feature Real Life Essays where you interview people who have lost weight. People will then associate authenticity with real life comments and views and this will make them like you more.
  6. Detailed Blog Posts – One of the cornerstones of your content marketing strategy will be that you need to write detailed blogs to further an aspect of your business. This said, it needs to be done in a way that is fresh.
  7. FAQ Section – Guys I am kind of obsessed with looking at website FAQ section. A good FAQ section separates the amateurs from the people who are just here to pick up a cheque seriously. Write an excellent FAQ section by injecting some personality into what you do.
  8. Infographics – These require a small budget however I do think they are worth it if you want to show depth and variety about your product. Financial services companies can highlight how people use credit cards in an infographic for example.
  9. Catalogues – I remember glossy printed catalogues that my parents used to get when I was younger. I know catalogues sound like something out of the past but they do work for specific markets such as consumer products like jewellery and household kitchen and bathroom supplies. You could create a catalogue of your products and services and send it to your email list.
  10. Q&A – You can feature basic question and answers on your website.
  11. GIFS – These always add some fun and glamour to your content and don’t forget even the most high-end clients want to see fun images.
  12. PDF – I am a sucker for any business that offers a PDF download. I like these for B2B and B2C companies. Put some design effort into them.
  13. Expense Sheet – This is one of my favourite unique content marketing ideas. For example, if you are trying to grow a financial services business, you could feature an expense sheet of what businesses can expect to pay for in their first year of business. Content like this is sticky and it will get shared. If you are a fashion blogger, you could create an expense sheet showing how much it costs for people who are trying to build their profiles as fashion bloggers.
  14. Budget Spreadsheets – Showcasing budgets is an excellent content marketing idea for personal finance bloggers and financial services companies.
  15. Primer – This can be a short article about a topic relating to your business
  16. Explainer – This should go into more detailed about a specific topic. For example, personal finance bloggers can write explainers about credit card APR rates so that their readers understand them.
  17. White papers – B2B buyers love reading white papers. Make sure you offer these on your website.
  18. Resource Centre Content – Create a resource content centre for your business so that people can get all the information that they need.
  19. Free eBooks – People love free content especially eBooks. Your eBooks need to be well-written. This should also help you get new email subscribers.
  20. Illustrations – These can work for certain markets and it also adds an upmarket sheen to your business.
  21. How-To – If you are going to write How-To content, make it count. For financial services companies, you can write how-to content on how businesses can save money in accounting. For bloggers, create how to articles based on your niche.
  22. Action Plan – You can share action plans that your readers can download on how they can change their lives for the better. Always encourage email sign ups within your action plan.
  23. Email Newsletter – You need to generate an email list to grow your business. This list needs unique content that is different from your blog or website. Get serious about creating email newsletter content.
  24. Research – Now this idea takes a lot of time and effort. However, it can definitely pay off. Create research with a small sample that you can convert into a research article for your website. This will create traffic for your over time.
  25. Product Reviews – These are a good addition to have if your business is based on consumer products.
  26. Content with Attention grabbing titles – If you write a title such as ‘I have a problem – time to be honest’ someone is going to click and share that article. Get creative when writing headlines for your
  27. Videos – Content featuring videos will help to increase engagement and traffic. People love videos especially instructional ones.
  28. Branded magazines – Magazines created around your brand sent to your clients are a pathway to build a strong brand that lasts beyond the clicks and shares of the Internet.
  29. Maps – Include maps to give people a sense of where they are with your business.
  30. Memes – These, if used tastefully, can inspire prospects to contact you.

How can you write and create content for your website?

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