How to write blogs and articles to market and promote your financial services business

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Understanding the financial services industry means that you need to understand each country and jurisdiction has its own rules about how financial services companies can market and promote their products and services.

As the backbone of every economy, financial services are critical to the growth of countries, as well as consumers. However, it can seem murky at times when we are trying to figure out how financial services companies can market effectively while keeping up with regulatory requirements.

If you are a building a financial services business, this is the feature article for you because I am going to highlight the blog writing and article writing tips you need to supercharge your content marketing strategy.

These ideas will work for the following:

  • Financial advisors
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Investment bankers
  • Financiers
  • Wealth Management
  • Asset management
  • Entrepreneurs who are starting finance companies

 Write annual reports focusing on your industry

If you are a financial advisor, write an annual report about the financial advisory industry to send to your clients. This will position you as a thought leader to prospects and clients, enabling them to take you seriously. You could also write an annual report on wealth management and preserving wealth if you are an accountant or wealth management executive. By being niche and hyper-focused on the needs of your clientele, you can use this annual report to retain current clients. It’s extremely difficult to jump into the world of financial services advertising. It’s even better to retain your current customers so you don’t have to overspend when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Write blogs and articles about personal finance

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The personal finance industry is exploding in popularity with blogs for every segment of the consumer market. Why is it that the personal finance industry has boomed, yet financial services in general seems to look down on it, when the industry cannot exist without the co-operation of financial services and banks?

One of my clients that saw success with content marketing was a consumer finance lender that did feature some content about personal finance such as saving and learning how to borrow responsibly. Creating content about personal finance is a unique way to grab attention of consumers who want to change their lives.

It can be difficult to qualify consumers in personal finance because you don’t want to attract customers that have lots of debt. I would suggest financial services companies to write about how people should be planning for retirement, avoiding debt and maintaining mortgage payments. These three topics can be starting points. The benefits of creating personal finance content marketing is it will increase SEO traffic to your website and it will generate some leads that could convert into real paying clients for your accounting or financial advisory business, for example.

Host a Q&A weekly session on your website

People want to know about how to improve their financial standing but financial services companies look opaque. If you work in the accounting world, one way to create simple yet efficient content to promote your business is by featuring a Q&A session on your website. You can answer basic accounting questions targeting small business owners. This should help to generate call-backs and emails for your financial services business. You need to be consistent and offer brief yet succinct answers that inspire people to be interested in your content. Also include an e-mail sign up link after every Q&A session.

Write content that is longer than 1,000 words+

Any business that is considering your financial services business needs to know that you are detailed and thorough. Show this in your content marketing by writing articles, blogs and guides that are longer than 1,000 words. Yes, it sounds like a lot of work but at the end of the day, it will generate leads for your business as people will contact you themselves. For ideas on what you should write for your market, read industry blogs and newspaper websites to get inspired.

Feature keywords in your blogs and articles

Use Google Keyword Planner when you are organising your blogs and articles. The financial services market has plenty of keywords but it isn’t exploding such as other markets like beauty and fashion. Don’t overload content with keywords but make sure they are present so that your website ranks for search.

Feature interviews with happy clients

Financial services is opaque because it is taboo to talk about money. People feel shy and awkward even thinking about taxes and money even if it is for business. You should find happy clients for your financial services business and convince them if you can interview them for their website. This might be easier for accountants and financial advisors compared to wealth advisors. The interviews can be relaxed and vanilla but the key is to feature interviews with clients who like your services so that you can find new financial services.

Content marketing for financial services requires marketers to think outside of the box. Regardless of whether you are on the consumer end of financial services or you service high-end clients only in finance, you need to create content that is tailored to them and so that you can reach new clients in order to grow your business.

If you need to write content for your business, feel free to contact me to ask any questions you need. You can also sign up to my email newsletter for digital & content marketing tips. 

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