Top 5 ideas to help your business make more money

It’s really important to stay focused on increasing sales and revenue in your business especially in the beginning months of the year. It’s difficult to stay focused and it is easy to rely on old clients, but you always have to be selling and looking for new clients to fill in your B2B business pipeline.

I’ve come up with 7 that can help your company generate more revenue this month. Tell me if these ideas are working for you –

  1. Send cold emails every day – There is no way getting around it. If you are in B2B, you need to send cold emails to new prospects every day. I know many people think cold emails are annoying, and you should spend money on social media instead. Social media is important but it can take weeks to create a following. If you need to generate revenue today, you need to start crafting personalised cold emails. Start small every day.
  2. Create a weekly sales plan – Have a fresh sales plan every week in order to reach your targets. Don’t just think sales will roll in without a direct plan that you need to follow.
  3. Use Twitter to find potential customers – This is more relevant for B2B because you can find decision makers on Twitter. Learn how to create hashtags that will help you find people who need your services.
  4. Create a new product – Nothing can help to pique the interest of current and new client like a new product or service. People like new things – it helps them think that they are ahead of the curve. If you are trying to think of how to increase revenue this month, come up with a new product as soon as people.
  5. Upsell current clients – If your current clients like what you are doing, upsell them on more services that they can buy. This is a quick way to generate cash if you are going through dry spells in your business.

Follow these 5 ideas and let me know how you get on. You can also sign up for my email newsletter for more marketing ideas on how to grow your business today.

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