10 Pinterest Marketing Ideas to Try Today

Pinterest 1

Pinterest is an excellent marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs because there is not that much competition in terms of brands that are online. The platform has 150M unique visitors a month. While that isn’t as many as Instagram or Facebook, the people who visit Pinterest are passionate about whatever topic they are searching for. If you have a business that targets consumers, you need to understand that you have to have a Pinterest marketing strategy in order to achieve success. Take a look at these top Pinterest marketing ideas that you should try today:

  1. Use 1-2 hashtags to describe the picture that you are saving
  2. Edit the description to put your Pinterest name so other Pinners can see it
  3. Save Pins early in the morning
  4. Save Pins at night when you come home
  5. Use Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduler, to organise your Pins if you are running a business
  6. Do live pinning every day so that you can be inspired
  7. Brand your boards – for example, if your social media name is Marketing Maven – each of your boards should have ‘Maven’ at the end.
  8. Use Pinterest analytics to see what types of Pins get the most traffic
  9. Follow Pinners you like and comment on their posts
  10. Focus on 2-4 boards in order to grow your Pinterest traffic instead of spreading yourself too thin.

There is room for organic marketing growth and referrals on Pinterest if you put some work in. If you are trying to grow a lifestyle business, Pinterest is important because the site generates a stack of referral traffic and some people who are referred to your sites from Pinterest may want to purchase products from you.

Start by using these top 10 tips that we have crafted for you. If you get stuck or you want more help, contact us today via email or click here to sign up to our newsletter.

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