The Advanced Guide to Increasing Revenue in your Business

This Advanced Guide is going to answer your sales and revenue questions. Whether you work for a household brand name or a start-up, we all need to increase sales, revenue and profitability if we are going to keep our jobs and grow our businesses.

I am super excited to share this Advanced Guide with you guys. I know due to the explosion of content marketing, there are tonnes of ‘guides’ on the market that are flimsy and thin and that do not help at all when it comes to solving your problem. This guide is different. Let’s get it!

Before We Begin

How can I grow my monthly business revenue if I don’t have a plan?

Before you can start increasing revenue and sales, you need to create a business plan or strategy that is dedicated solely to generating cash for your business. Incoming cashflow is critical to building a pipeline of revenue for your business. If you work in the B2B market, you know that getting clients to pay you and pay on time is hard work. If you work in the B2C end, just finding a customer who will purchase in-store is hard work.

You need a plan that makes sense for your business. Here are some excellent tips and ideas that you should incorporate into your business plan to increase revenue:

  • Write down monthly sales targets
  • Do not change sales targets even if things are not going well
  • Share your sales strategy with your team (if you have one)
  • If you are selling alone, ensure that you sell your products or services every day
  • If you are marketing e-commerce products, create a daily sales plan and a weekly sales plan so you can see if your e-commerce business is working

Your plan has to suit your business however all businesses have a core sales and marketing group that are responsible for generating leads and finding new business. You need to include this into your plan so you can stay on track.

If your goal is to sell 1,000 lawn mowers this month from your e-commerce website, don’t get distracted by other things happening in your life or your business. Stick to your plan and stay laser-focused on executing your sales plan to reach your revenue goals. If your e-commerce website is going to sell these 1,000 lawn mowers, make sure that you give it the best chance of success with a good hosting platform and excellent web design. Use our checklist below to create a plan that will work. Continue reading “The Advanced Guide to Increasing Revenue in your Business”

How to use email and blogging to grow your business

Cake 1

When you are baking a chocolate cake, you need to have ingredients that come together to create that smooth chocolate flavour. This is exactly the same when it comes to growing your small business in order to make it successful. I believe in the power of email and blogging in terms of growing businesses today. The rule book has changed and I am ready to help anyone who wants advice.

Grow your email list as a top priority

You need to make growing your email list as a top priority for your business. It doesn’t matter if your business is sexy and glamorous or if it isn’t. Your email list needs to be long and successful in order to grow. If you want to have a long email list, a social media strategy is necessary in order to make it happen.

Write 1-3 blogs per day for your business

Writing plenty of content takes time and effort. There is no point sugar-coating it. You have to write several blogs per day in order to generate new leads for your business. I like the idea of writing 1-3 blogs per day for small businesses and I like 1 blog per day for bloggers and consultants.

Email and Blogging Together = Success

Integrate email and  blogging everyday if you want to see exponential business growth. Don’t use them separately – use them together to slowly create a business and a brand that stands the test of time.

When building your email and blogging campaign, you are going to need to have a beautiful website that is always up 24/7. For this reason, consider using affordable web hosting from BlueHost for awesome results. 

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How to make money from your best Pinterest board


My best Pinterest board is about lipstick, lipgloss and other lip-related products. It is my top performing board with thousands and thousands of monthly impressions from around the world. Believe it or not – you can actually create new business opportunities by identifying your best Pinterest boards.

5 strategies to make money from your Pinterest board

Here are some of the new strategies that you can use to create revenue from your top performing Pinterest board –

Create an email list for your Pinterest board – Add the link for the email list in your Pinterest board’s description.

Use this email list to sell fans of your board new products – In my case, I could sell them lipsticks and lipglosses. I could also sell them information products

Create information products to sell via your board – In my case, I can create paid checklists and e-books on how to start your own lipstick business or how to sell lipsticks online.

Use the Pinterest board to create a landing page for e-commerce – You can also add a link to a landing page for e-commerce depending on what you want to sell.

Promote your best performing board via Instagram and Twitter – You can start marketing and promoting your board by using Twitter and Instagram to find people who will be interested in purchasing products after seeing your board.

If you want to grow your consumer business, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to making money and creating new revenue streams.

To grow your business, don’t forget to choose BlueHost as the affordable web host for you. 

{CASE STUDY} How my digital marketing business has grown after 6 weeks of blogging and content marketing

{CASE STUDY} How my digital marketing business has grown after 6 weeks of blogging and content marketing

Flat Lay 1

I wanted to share a deep inside look into how my digital marketing business has been growing since I have started blogging on Imperial Strategy. Imperial Strategy is part of my digital marketing business. We do digital marketing, email content creation, blogging and outsourcing as our key services.

I started blogging in January 2018 in order to build my digital marketing business. There was a period of time where I was sick for around 14 days which impacted by blogging. I am thrilled to share my results and metrics with you guys so you can see whether blogging and content marketing actually does work.

OKAY SO – Did blogging actually grow my business?

After 6 weeks of blogging, here are results for my Imperial Strategy business: Continue reading “{CASE STUDY} How my digital marketing business has grown after 6 weeks of blogging and content marketing”

Top 5 ideas to help your business make more money

It’s really important to stay focused on increasing sales and revenue in your business especially in the beginning months of the year. It’s difficult to stay focused and it is easy to rely on old clients, but you always have to be selling and looking for new clients to fill in your B2B business pipeline.

I’ve come up with 7 that can help your company generate more revenue this month. Tell me if these ideas are working for you –

  1. Send cold emails every day – There is no way getting around it. If you are in B2B, you need to send cold emails to new prospects every day. I know many people think cold emails are annoying, and you should spend money on social media instead. Social media is important but it can take weeks to create a following. If you need to generate revenue today, you need to start crafting personalised cold emails. Start small every day.
  2. Create a weekly sales plan – Have a fresh sales plan every week in order to reach your targets. Don’t just think sales will roll in without a direct plan that you need to follow.
  3. Use Twitter to find potential customers – This is more relevant for B2B because you can find decision makers on Twitter. Learn how to create hashtags that will help you find people who need your services.
  4. Create a new product – Nothing can help to pique the interest of current and new client like a new product or service. People like new things – it helps them think that they are ahead of the curve. If you are trying to think of how to increase revenue this month, come up with a new product as soon as people.
  5. Upsell current clients – If your current clients like what you are doing, upsell them on more services that they can buy. This is a quick way to generate cash if you are going through dry spells in your business.

Follow these 5 ideas and let me know how you get on. You can also sign up for my email newsletter for more marketing ideas on how to grow your business today.