How to write killer copy that will sell a $10,000 ring

how to write killer copy that will sell a $10,000 ring

Whether you are a jewellery entrepreneur or you are running a B2B business, every manager and marketer needs to know how to write killer copy that will convince people to spend money. Without sales, your business cannot grow to the level that you want. I am an expert in content creation and digital marketing so I know exactly what types of copy converts and the copy that flops. Keep reading this these top tips to write killer copy for your niche. Even though I am using jewellery as an example, you can adapt and use it for your market.

A $10,000 ring is no different than a $10,000 consulting project. Both require the same amount of effort, both require in-person persuasion and both need you to write content that will convince shoppers and buyers.

Set the scene

The jewellery business is driven by the following trends:

  1. Men purchasing jewellery for girlfriends and wives
  2. Women ‘self-gifting’ rings and other jewellery items for themselves

If you want to sell a $10,000 diamond cocktail ring, you need to create desire and obsession so that the person buying purchases the product and so that the person who receives the ring feels something.

Creating a sense of obsession and possession in a physical object isn’t easy. If you are writing a jewellery email newsletter to your subscribers, I would use words such as the following:

  • Covet
  • Possess
  • Inspire
  • Clutch

These words are strong and powerful. If someone covets something, it gives you the sense that this person is thinking about the item constantly. Adding a sense of time into your copywriting efforts will make people feel like they need to purchase it urgently.

If I was writing an email to a list of qualified jewellery buyers, I would write something like this:

This ring is like something out of the ocean – beautiful, powerful and full of memories that your special love will feel as she slips it onto her finger

This sets the scene that the cocktail ring is something that is earthly (by referencing the ocean) but it also shows the physicality of the ring by the fact that the woman can put it on her finger and it will slip on. You can use this sense of urgency into your business even if you are not selling jewellery. 

Get over the crazy price hurdle ($10K is no joke)

Let’s be honest, $10,000 is not a joke. Even in the grand scheme of jewellery, it is still a chunk of change depending on what it is for. Whether the ring is being purchased as a self gift, a push present or an engagement ring, when you are writing copy, you need to overcome the hurdle of the price.

Want to know how to overcome the price barrier?

Write. Incredible. Copy. That. Makes. People. Ignore. The. Price

I would write incredible calls-to-action that inject a sense of glamour and desirability to counter discomfort about the price. This is especially difficult if you are trying to sell expensive products online without a physical store. Here are some ideas that you can use for free to sell any product worth $10,000:

  • Make a life-changing decision today and start a new life together as a team. Ask her today with this incredible ring as your companion
  • Inspire happiness with this stunning ring
  • Unlock the secrets of beauty with this show-stopping ring

By using words that are uplifting, you are able to get over the price hurdle because the shopper understands that by being this ring, they will improve how they look and how they feel or they will give the receiver a feeling of happiness. Happiness is the key driver for the purchase of jewellery, not beauty in itself.

Create content that converts people to spend $10,000 to buy a cocktail ring

If you want someone to purchase a $10,000 diamond ring, you need to create specific content that will get the sale converted. A simple blog or article is not enough. Here are some types of content you need to create if you are trying to sell a $10,000 luxury ring or a $10,000 project:

  • Printed catalogue to be sent to email list subscribers
  • Detailed landing page to drive e-commerce sales without annoying + spammy sales letter jargon
  • Textured and detailed online product descriptions that are not boring
  • Ebooks that explain how the product works, looks and reviews from people who have purchased the ring for themselves
  • PDFs showcasing detailed testimonials of people who have purchased the $10,000 product and received benefits from it

If you want to get the sales in fast, hire professionals to help you. If you think you can do it yourself, follow all of the tips I have written in this article. The tips needed to sell a $10,000 diamond ring are not any different from selling your consulting services to big brands.

Bottom Line – Create a sense of desire, urgency and obsession where customers and clients are thinking about you all of the time. 

Do you want to know how to write more copy that generates sales, revenues and finds new clients? Let me know if you like this content and I would be more than happy to send you some free copywriting tips via email. Sign up for my free email marketing list or get in touch with me today if you want me to help you even more. 


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