How to write a captivating Pinterest description

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If one of your key goals is growing your Pinterest referral traffic onto your website, you know you must write a compelling description that inspires people to look at your Pin before losing interest.

Where does the description go?

Pinterest screenshot

As you can see from the image, the description tends to go where I put the thick black arrow. This image above from this Pinner doesn’t have a description so for them if they have a business; it is a lost opportunity to promote their products. You can’t expect Pinners to do all the hard work for you. You have to make it simple for everyone to know the context of your Pin and what it is.

A poorly executed Pinterest description means people will not save or repin your image and nor will they be inclined to click through to your website.

What is a good example of Pinterest description?

Pinterest 2

This example from a company called Style Loft is a solid example of how a Pinterest description should look. First the Pin has a lot of content on it because it is a Rich Pin and it clearly explains that the focus of the image is the sunglasses that are for sale. Secondly, look where I put the arrow – that is the actual description. Why is it good?

  • Gets straight to the point
  • Lets potential customers know when they can purchase the product
  • Tells customers the name of the product so they can search it for themselves
  • Tells you the colour mix that you can see in the photo

Some Pinterest descriptions are longer – others are shorter. I like the concise approach of this description and I think anyone who is involved with selling products online should 100% consider using this approach.

What else do I need to know about writing descriptions in Pinterest?

Whether you are selling luxury sunglasses or furniture, your Pinterest description needs to explain what your product is, what it is and you could also throw in some benefits of why it helps people.

When I write Pinterest descriptions for projects and clients, I always make sure to add drops of aggressive marketing (save this Pin!) in the description to encourage people to share the image.

Checklist for writing a Pinterest description

If you are writing Pinterest descriptions yourself and you don’t want to hire an agency to do the campaign for you, here is a checklist of things that you need in order to write a solid Pinterest description that converts:

  • Pen & Paper to brainstorm Pinterest writing ideas
  • Microsoft Word or Google Docs open so that you can brainstorm your Pinterest descriptions first
  • A tab open of a Pinterest account with more than 500K+ views to get an idea of which descriptions are working for them

Upon writing your Pinterest descriptions, always catch the attention of the user from the beginning and let them know what your image is about and why they should keep reading. You need to be super persuasive if you are going to write compelling descriptions that encourage people to save and share your Pins.

Here are some quick Pinterest description writing tips depending on your business

  • Personal Finance & Business Brands: Use words such as ‘Boost’, ‘Grow’ and ‘Build’ in your descriptions. People are always looking for how to save and make more money; it’s never going to get old so take advantage of this in your descriptions.
  • Food Bloggers & Food Brands: You need to select emotive words such as ‘Juicy’, ‘Delectable’, ‘Delicious’ instead of standard words like ‘Tasty’. The way you write your descriptions should add some colour to how your recipes or food products look
  • B2B companies: If you are using Pinterest as a B2B company, step outside of the box a bit and use the description box to inspire people to click back to the site, instead of trying to buy from you straight away.
  • E-Commerce: As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you need to master the skill of writing amazing product descriptions and add this sparkle to your Pinterest descriptions. Use words that inspire obsession and instant need to purchase (Get It Now, It’s Almost Gone – Click To See Before They Sell Out)

Writing Pinterest descriptions seems like something that is boring and unnecessary but if you are serious about generating millions of Pinterest views so that you can get referral traffic, you need to take it seriously. Follow my top tips, sign up to my email newsletter or contact me today for more help to master how to write Pinterest descriptions.

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