{CASE STUDY} – How I am increasing revenue in my business & bouncing back

I wanted to do another case study so you can see how I am doing in building Imperial. I hadn’t updated in a month as I wasn’t feeling well however now I am better and I am thrilled to update you all on the changes and movements in my digital marketing business. So many things have been happening so let’s get into it:

New Business Updates

  • New project work won from an award winning marketing agency
  • New $1,000 social media marketing contract won for a repeat client
  • New work won for a content marketing agency

This is just a snapshot of the new business I have won for Imperial. I think I can win more if I send more cold emails and looking for higher-paying projects from clients.

Monthly digital marketing revenues for agencies range from zero to more than $200K per month depending on what type of projects you are in. I am still working very hard to get to a healthy monthly revenue range, however, I am adding new clients almost every week so I do believe I can get there.

I believe an upgraded version of this website will also help me to generate more leads for my digital marketing business. To do that, I will need to get brand new website design, a new web hosting provider and build on my email list.

Things I will do to increase revenue

  • Sending more cold emails daily
  • Send cold pitches on a regular schedule
  • Look for clients that can afford to pay $1,000, $2,000 or $10,000 monthly retainers
  • Focus on financial services, legal, insurance and the weight loss industry as those are three markets that I believe can afford higher-paying retainers
  • Write dedicated weekly email newsletters
  • Increase content marketing on this blog to generate new digital marketing leads
  • Find new tech providers

One thing I have learned in the past two weeks is that all of my projects are generated from aggressive follow ups. Sometimes, I feel like follow ups can make you feel desperate but now I realise in B2B business, follow ups are NECESSARY if you are going to land deals that pay as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading this update. Don’t forget to focus on bringing new revenue channels but also creating a professional look for your business with a new website hosting service, for example.

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