How to write a captivating Pinterest description

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If one of your key goals is growing your Pinterest referral traffic onto your website, you know you must write a compelling description that inspires people to look at your Pin before losing interest.

Where does the description go?

Pinterest screenshot

As you can see from the image, the description tends to go where I put the thick black arrow. This image above from this Pinner doesn’t have a description so for them if they have a business; it is a lost opportunity to promote their products. You can’t expect Pinners to do all the hard work for you. You have to make it simple for everyone to know the context of your Pin and what it is.

A poorly executed Pinterest description means people will not save or repin your image and nor will they be inclined to click through to your website.

What is a good example of Pinterest description?

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This example from a company called Style Loft is a solid example of how a Pinterest description should look. First the Pin has a lot of content on it because it is a Rich Pin and it clearly explains that the focus of the image is the sunglasses that are for sale. Secondly, look where I put the arrow – that is the actual description. Why is it good?

  • Gets straight to the point
  • Lets potential customers know when they can purchase the product
  • Tells customers the name of the product so they can search it for themselves
  • Tells you the colour mix that you can see in the photo

Some Pinterest descriptions are longer – others are shorter. I like the concise approach of this description and I think anyone who is involved with selling products online should 100% consider using this approach. Continue reading “How to write a captivating Pinterest description”

How to generate more than 1 million Pinterest views

How to generate 1M views on Pinterest

Everyone is flocking to Instagram and marketing dollars are following as well. However, being different and going in another direction can reap tonnes of benefits if you know what you are doing. Whether you are an entrepreneur or you are trying to grow a small business, you need to have a social media strategy that generates traffic that will convert. I want to help you reach your Pinterest traffic goals and I am going to help you achieve this by showcasing these free tips on how you can make 1 million Pinterest views for your blog, business or brand.

Ok – but can I really generate millions of Pinterest impressions without spending 5,000 hours?

Yes you can. Just follow my top tips and don’t deviate from the formula that I am going to show you. There are two options to generate 1 million Pinterest views:

  • Live pinning that you do directly from the desktop website
  • Scheduling via Tailwind

Tailwind is a popular scheduling app for Pinterest. It is pricey, let no one tell you any different however I think it’s worth the extra money because it will drip lots of Pinterest traffic onto your website without you hovering over. On the other side, manual pinning can help you get those organic spikes of viral traffic if you are pinning at a certain time such as pinning in the morning or the evening. If you truly want to grow your Pinterest traffic, sign up to my free email newsletter or contact me today so that I can help you.  Continue reading “How to generate more than 1 million Pinterest views”

How to make money from your best Pinterest board


My best Pinterest board is about lipstick, lipgloss and other lip-related products. It is my top performing board with thousands and thousands of monthly impressions from around the world. Believe it or not – you can actually create new business opportunities by identifying your best Pinterest boards.

5 strategies to make money from your Pinterest board

Here are some of the new strategies that you can use to create revenue from your top performing Pinterest board –

Create an email list for your Pinterest board – Add the link for the email list in your Pinterest board’s description.

Use this email list to sell fans of your board new products – In my case, I could sell them lipsticks and lipglosses. I could also sell them information products

Create information products to sell via your board – In my case, I can create paid checklists and e-books on how to start your own lipstick business or how to sell lipsticks online.

Use the Pinterest board to create a landing page for e-commerce – You can also add a link to a landing page for e-commerce depending on what you want to sell.

Promote your best performing board via Instagram and Twitter – You can start marketing and promoting your board by using Twitter and Instagram to find people who will be interested in purchasing products after seeing your board.

If you want to grow your consumer business, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to making money and creating new revenue streams.

To grow your business, don’t forget to choose BlueHost as the affordable web host for you. 

(CASE STUDY) – How I increased my Pinterest monthly traffic by 58%

Pinteres 1

This is a screenshot of my analytics summary on my Pinterest account. I am sharing it because at the tail-end of 2017, I had just 8,000 monthly Pinterest viewers.

I have gone from 8,000 monthly Pinterest viewers to 19,000 and more as of today. 

In just a few short weeks, I have managed to more than double my Pinterest profile traffic. It is critical to grow your Pinterest traffic if you have a B2C or a B2B company but it is not easy. Take a look at some of my top tips that you should follow today if you want to see some results –

  • Be consistent with your Pinterest strategy
  • Create a Pinterest goal list
  • Be diligent with pinning on time
  • Pin in the morning
  • Focus on the boards I am passionate about
  • Stay focused on the numbers and increasing analytics

Want results when it comes to Pinterest? Follow my top tips, contact me or sign up to my email newsletter for more marketing ideas.

10 Pinterest Marketing Ideas to Try Today

Pinterest 1

Pinterest is an excellent marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs because there is not that much competition in terms of brands that are online. The platform has 150M unique visitors a month. While that isn’t as many as Instagram or Facebook, the people who visit Pinterest are passionate about whatever topic they are searching for. If you have a business that targets consumers, you need to understand that you have to have a Pinterest marketing strategy in order to achieve success. Take a look at these top Pinterest marketing ideas that you should try today:

  1. Use 1-2 hashtags to describe the picture that you are saving
  2. Edit the description to put your Pinterest name so other Pinners can see it
  3. Save Pins early in the morning
  4. Save Pins at night when you come home
  5. Use Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduler, to organise your Pins if you are running a business
  6. Do live pinning every day so that you can be inspired
  7. Brand your boards – for example, if your social media name is Marketing Maven – each of your boards should have ‘Maven’ at the end.
  8. Use Pinterest analytics to see what types of Pins get the most traffic
  9. Follow Pinners you like and comment on their posts
  10. Focus on 2-4 boards in order to grow your Pinterest traffic instead of spreading yourself too thin.

There is room for organic marketing growth and referrals on Pinterest if you put some work in. If you are trying to grow a lifestyle business, Pinterest is important because the site generates a stack of referral traffic and some people who are referred to your sites from Pinterest may want to purchase products from you.

Start by using these top 10 tips that we have crafted for you. If you get stuck or you want more help, contact us today via email or click here to sign up to our newsletter.