{CASE STUDY} Inside a real-life Instagram marketing funnel that led to a $25 sale

Instagram Marketing

Inside a real-life Instagram marketing funnel that actually worked to generate a $25 sale to an e-commerce website

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I have an amazing treat for you guys today. I have a detailed breakdown of a real-life marketing funnel from interest to sale based on what a friend of mine told me about how she purchased a product. I asked her to share how she made a decision to purchase artificial nails and she was willing to share how she bought them as long as she could be anonymous. Get a cup of tea ready and let’s get started into this super-detailed case study.

Product – She wanted to buy artificial nails from this nail brand.

A marketing funnel is essentially the journey that a consumer takes from seeing your brand, engaging with interest, choosing a product to actually purchasing a product from your company. I know that reading about sales funnels, marketing funnels and purchase funnels can almost make your eyes glaze over, this is why I only want to discuss them if I can find a real-life human being example – not just jargon thrown around.

Step 1 – Being visible on the Instagram Timeline and being seen by influencers

Post notifications are the devil and the constant Instagram algorithmic changes mean that brands need to be aggressive and fight to be seen on the platform. My friend said she turned on her phone and logged into Instagram to see what pictures had been uploaded by her friends on the day. She then saw a post from a famous influencer in this space who has more than 30,000+ followers on Instagram. The influencer was wearing the nails that she thought looked good and she did tell me that she really wanted them because she thought that they looked amazing based on how the influencer took the picture.

Takeaway: Influencer marketing still works, but influencers with smaller followings are capturing consumer attention more than larger influencers.

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Instagram Marketing Series – How to get new followers – Part 3

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Instagram Marketing Series.

IG 2

If you want to get new followers on Instagram, you need to approach increasing followers across 30 days. One month is enough time to see if your strategies are working. Here are some ideas I think you can start using in order to increase your follower count –

  • Comment on other people’s profiles
  • Write meaningful comments
  • Engage on celebrity gossip Instagram sites — the engagement rate is high and if people like your comments, they will follow you back
  • Post stunning images that people will like
  • Write a biography that makes people want to follow you
  • Update Instagram Stories every day
  • Cross promote Instagram on your Twitter and Pinterest accounts
  • Promote Instagram on your blog if you have one
  • Upload videos a few times a week

Gaining new followers will require you to put in several hours of Instagram marketing work per day. You do need to reply to comments and post new pictures. I like the idea of posting several pictures a day if you are targeting consumers so that people can see you. The algorithm changes means that you need to use Instagram Stories carefully so that your followers are reminded that you are around.

I hope from this bite-sized Instagram Marketing Series that you will learn that you need to take it extremely seriously in order to make your follower numbers flourish.

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Instagram Marketing Series – Instagram Stories – Part 1

In my new Instagram Marketing Series, I am going to help you get to grips with Instagram in an actionable way especially if you are busy. You can also check out my Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing.

The power of Instagram Stories

IG 2

Instagram Stories are crazy and insane in how effective they are. The company will now even tell you when someone screenshots your Stories, according to a new report. Instagram Stories are powerful because:

  • They show you how engaged your Instagram audience is
  • They allow you to tell narratives
  • You can build the behind the scenes element of who you are there
  • You can include video
  • You can build new ties with other Instagram users

For my followers and subscribers, I want to see you all using Instagram Stories to connect with your followers. You don’t need to be spammy and annoying trying to get people to buy your products. Show them who you are and watch as your analytics will grow.

Instagram Stories do better when they are done off the cuff. Shoot video of you and your team brainstorming in your office or show the behind the scenes of a photoshoot for your fashion brand. Be organic and fresh and watch your Stories grow.

Watch out for Part 2.

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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing

Insta 1

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing

Instagram has changed how social media operates. The app has more than 500 million users, according to Hootsuite’s blog. It’s crazy to imagine a world without the app, and it is crystal clear that the world has changed in terms of marketing because of the app. If you love fashion, food, lifestyle, travelling and shopping, Instagram has become the de facto app for you. I love Instagram but I also love business and marketing. I hope this guide will inspire you to supercharge your marketing and grow your business with Instagram by your side. Let’s dive right into the guide so you can take control of your Instagram marketing.

1 – Pick one theme and stick to it

Fashion 1

(Image Source – Fashion Influencers should stick to fashion content only)

There is no other way around it, you need to stay laser focused on just having one theme. The best example where you see this is with fashion influencers. The fashion industry understood Instagram’s power faster than anyone else did. If you are going to be an Instagram influencer on fashion, stick to fashion – don’t stray into other areas like interiors. Instagram followers like it when brands and influencers stick to one solid theme. Take a look at how you can stay focused when building your Instagram brand –

  • Fashion Instagram influencers – Outfit pictures, posts about new clothes you have purchased, pictures of you shopping and pictures showing products you have seen and want to purchase
  • Travel Instagram influencers – Pictures of your current holiday locations, pictures of hotel views, pictures of swimming pools you have seen, pictures of meals at the hotels you are at

From these two examples, you can see already that you need to stay within your category but show depth within it. Don’t just take the same picture over and over again

2 – Use hashtags correctly 

One of the biggest trends in Instagram at the moment is using hashtags in a way that isn’t annoying. You need to add several spaces or press the Enter bar a few times between your caption content and your hashtag. This makes it easier for the reader to understand your caption without being overwhelmed by hashtags. Aim for 1-5 hashtags. Some profiles like many hashtags but this does not increase engagement by that much.

3 – Take high quality images

A photo from your iPhone or Android is not enough if you are trying to grow your Instagram following. If you are creating an Instagram page for your brand, it is worth buying a camera with a lens or even a camera that has a good reputation in order to get the results you need. The image quality is important so that you can generate likes and comments on your Instagram account.

4 – Post regularly

Posting on Instagram is not just about whether you feel like it or not. You really have to post every day depending on your niche, and even more than that for specific categories such as fashion, beauty and celebrity news. If you are running your brand’s Instagram page, it is worth posting at least once a day so that you are always reminding your Instagram followers that you exist.

5 – Have targets 

When doing Instagram marketing, you need to take it as seriously as you do the open rates for your email newsletter. You should have targets of how many followers you want to acquire for your profile or your company’s page. Having targets keeps you accountable and focused on being successful.

6 – Write a captivating profile biography

The biography – more commonly known as bio, is quite frankly the most important part of your Instagram profile. The more detailed it is, the better but you don’t want to annoy people by making it so long. Take a look at how a fashion influencer bio could look like below, I’ve written it to help you understand:

Fashion fuels everything I do


London and Paris

Contact me at XXX for collaborations and partnerships

Turn on Post Notifications to supercharge your fashion drive

As you can see from the example above, the bio shows the age, location of the influencer with a sentence describing what the account is about – fashion- and how passionate the influencer is about fashion. You can use this template above if you want without being worried about copyright infringement, I really want to help you guys. You also need to remind people to turn on post notifications since Instagram’s algorithm changed. (More on that later).

7 – Respond to everyone who comments

One of the biggest mistakes that I see Instagram influencers making is treating Instagram like it is like a TV show. It isn’t. You really need to respond to everyone who comments on your posts because the comments are a sign of engagement. Brands want to see engagement if they are going to pay you for campaigns. Likewise, if you are using Instagram for your business, you need to respond to enquiries as it could be someone who genuinely wants to purchase your products later on. Don’t become lazy when it comes to comments – even if you are blessed to grow your account to 100,000 or more, make all the effort in the world to reply to every comment you receive that isn’t an attack.

8 – Don’t be desperate

Instagram is an organic platform that needs people who aren’t desperate for likes or followers. You need to spend time liking and commenting on other people’s profiles to gain attention. However, don’t be desperate – write an insightful comment. If you are into sports, write on your favourite sports sites Instagram accounts or comment on games on other accounts to get attention. The more you comment on other profiles, you will gain followers this way. This is a good idea if you are trying to build your audience while avoiding the algorithm changes.

9 – Beat the Instagram algorithm

Instagram used to post pictures chronologically. Now the app posts based on what you like and what they think you want to see. The brand says they do this to filter out bad pictures and to encourage better photos but other people think they did this so more people have to spend money on the app to promote their businesses. Beat the algorithm by doing ‘Instagram sandwiching’ where you post one excellent picture between two sponsored pictures to increase engagement. You can also beat the algorithm by always reminding followers to turn on post notifications. These ideas are solid ways of beating the system without cheating. I don’t agree with Instagram pods or buying fake followers.

10 – Master the use of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are still posted in chronological order which means the organic reach is high. If you want to use Instagram stories for your business, show off your latest projects and what you are doing in real-time. If you are an influencer, use Instagram Stories to highlight products that you like, as well as what you are up to. Smart influencers can figure out how to broker deals for paid Instagram Stories.

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{GUIDE} – How to grow your Instagram audience without spending a lot of money

Moet 1

{Image Source}

Instagram has exploded into the New Year as the most important social media network for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands this year. Whether you work in retail or wholesale, you need to have a dedicated Instagram strategy to grow your business.

Influencers have become the princes and princesses of Instagram by wielding their power through creating stunning images that influence their audiences to purchase products. We are all influenced by people. Before it was celebrities, these days it is influencers.

The question we all want to ask but are afraid to ask is – How can I afford to pay influencers if they seem too expensive?

Forbes magazine cited that an Instagram influencer with a 100,000 followers can command $5,000 for a brand campaign. With cash like that sloshing around, it is understandable to be concerned about how to pay influencers if you don’t have $5,000 marketing budget lying around. Take a look at our Imperial top tips on how you can grow your Instagram audience without a massive budget:

  • Reach out to micro-influencers and ask to send gifts

Micro-influencers are influencers that have under 50,000 followers. They tend to be more passionate and honoured to work with brands that understand what they are about. Within the lifestyle space, it might be acceptable to send them a PR package or a gift and ask them to write an honest review of your product. It is a better idea to create a long lasting relationship with 3-5 micro-influencers per month instead of splashing all of your cash on one post by a superstar influencer. Engagement also tends to be higher with micro-influencers.

  • Choose images that resonate with your audience

Stunning images for your niche or market need to be taken seriously. If you plan on building a large Instagram following, pictures from you iPhone are not going to cut it. Buy better photographic equipment when you start taking pictures for your Instagram account.

  • Be consistent with your posting schedule

It’s important to be consistent with your schedule if you plan on growing your Instagram base into something significant. You need to post updates on Instagram every day but figure out whether you need multiple posts. Beauty brands tend to post several images a day, fashion brands do as well but lifestyle brands could do one a day and see excellent engagement.

  • Don’t oversell in your Instagram captions

It can be tempting to try the hard sell in Instagram but in order to get many followers, you need the softer approach where Instagram followers can interact with you without feeling like you are just trying to sell them things. Use your Instagram follower audience to inspire, the sales will come later once your base has been activated.

  • Respond to comments on time and like your followers pictures

When you get a follower, look at their page and analyse whether you will follow back. When someone comments on your page, respond to their comment and like it. It sounds like common sense but there are many huge fashion and beauty brands that receive thousands of comments yet do not reply at all.

Growing your Instagram follower base will take time, effort and a dedicated strategy depending on your niche within fashion and lifestyle. Fashion wholesalers can build a good follower base on Instagram especially if their products are within a niche – such as sunglasses wholesale or handbags sold at wholesale. Fashion retailers can use Instagram to inspire click throughs to their main websites but remember you need to do all of this without a hard sell approach.

How are you going to grow your Instagram followers? Start today with the top tips I have mentioned above.