How to grow your blog by writing ‘Ultimate Guides’

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To grow your blog for your business, you need to invest in writing guides. You can either write the guides yourself or you can hire writers or agencies to create the content for you.

Ultimate Guides increase traffic because they are longer

Entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners want to read content that helps them become more successful and to increase the size of their businesses. Ultimate Guides answer questions that prospects, clients and customers want to know and ideally, you need to give solutions to your potential customers with Ultimate Guides.

For this reason, Ultimate Guides need to be between 1,000 to 10,000 words long. If you write a 10,000 word Ultimate Guide, you will be rewarded by Google and you might find new clients down the road. You should have a goal with your Ultimate Guide. Do you want more clients? Do you want to be a hugely ranked blog?  Answer these questions before you start writing.

Ultimate Guides should have a call to action at the end

If you are going to write a 7,000 word detailed guide about insurance or financial services, you should feel like you are able to ask customers to purchase a product or to call for a consultation. I am a big believer in calls to action. Whether your Ultimate Guide is about Instagram or sales funnels, you should write a detailed call to action. This can be anything from telling prospects to call you, email you or sign up to your newsletter.

Ultimate Guides should have images and screenshots

Make them easier to read by featuring beautiful images and screenshots. You can source your images online or you can also use Pinterest to find images.

Ultimate Guides can also include video

Video is a fun way of adding texture and depth to your Ultimate Guide. You can consider doing this if you think it will bring value to the guide.

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