How Much Does It Cost To Get A Client Through Blogging & Content Marketing?


Content marketing is all the rage at the moment. 75% of marketers are going to increase budgets in content marketing, according to this source. 69% of content marketers in B2B focus on making content for their audience instead of their brand according to the same source.

It would be awesome to acquire customers without having to pay but that’s not the real world.

When you are trying to grow your business, you need to factor in how much you will spend for content marketing, if it is going to be in your budget.

Content marketing is a garden full of leads but only if you know how to plant the seeds

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{CASE STUDY} How my digital marketing business has grown after 6 weeks of blogging and content marketing

{CASE STUDY} How my digital marketing business has grown after 6 weeks of blogging and content marketing

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I wanted to share a deep inside look into how my digital marketing business has been growing since I have started blogging on Imperial Strategy. Imperial Strategy is part of my digital marketing business. We do digital marketing, email content creation, blogging and outsourcing as our key services.

I started blogging in January 2018 in order to build my digital marketing business. There was a period of time where I was sick for around 14 days which impacted by blogging. I am thrilled to share my results and metrics with you guys so you can see whether blogging and content marketing actually does work.

OKAY SO – Did blogging actually grow my business?

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35 content marketing ideas to start using today

If you are trying to create content for a client or for your business, you need to read this post in detail so you can get incredible ideas for your content marketing strategy.

35 content marketing ideas to start using today

  1. Case Studies – Create case studies from clients who have purchased your products and write case studies around their experiences such as what you have achieved for them and their business.
  2. Checklists – Write checklists for visitors and customers to keep them organised. For example, if you run a jewellery business, write a checklist on how your  customers can keep their jewellery clean and organised
  3. Blogs – Write blogs on a consistent schedule to generate new leads for your business. Try and write blogs that are as long as possible so that they do well in organic search.
  4. Tip sheets – Offer tip sheets to customers and visitors on your website so that they can have all the top tips they need about your business
  5. Documentaries – Mini documentaries about your business or showcasing a part of your business can be a powerful way to promote yourself. The benefit of mini documentaries is they last forever and they can be viewed by virtually anyone who is trying to find out information about what you are filming about. For example, if you run a waste management business, you could film a documentary about what it is like trying to find new clients. This could help you find new clients as well if people watch the documentary.
  6. Ultimate Guides – It is an excellent idea to create ‘Ultimate Guides’ or ‘Complete Guides’ that are longer than 2,000 words. These guides should be full of interesting information for potential clients and they should encourage them to purchase your services without being annoying or giving the hard sell.
  7. Postcards – For a touch of nostalgia, sometimes doing things the old-fashioned way can generate good results. Try a postcard marketing campaign if you want to inject something fresh into your business model.
  8. Whitepapers – These are ideal for B2B companies because they can help to funnel leads into becoming paid clients. If you work in the insurance industry, build on whitepapers so that you can find new clients. You can create white papers on every area of your B2B industry as long as the paper is detailed. Always ask for clients to subscribe to your email newsletter in order to receive the whitepaper.
  9. Manuals – A unique way to power customers in the consumer goods space is to offer manuals for products that need explaining but the manuals shouldn’t be too technical. They should be fun and interesting in order to present something new to the customer.
  10. Slideshows – These are a good idea to explain a presentation or a new idea in your market to a prospect.
  11. Podcasts – These require a lot of work but they can reap rewards provided that you have plenty of content to talk about. You should choose people in your company who are comfortable speaking.
  12. Testimonials – These can be written by your clients
  13. Video Testimonials – These are even more powerful but they can take more work to create
  14. Behind the scenes Video – This shows how your company operates and it could help prospects make a decision to choose your company
  15. Dedicated YouTube channel – If you want to grow your video presence in order to get new leads, a specific YouTube channel dedicated to your business is an excellent way to go about this. You need to stick to a specific schedule of posting videos such as 2 days a week.
  16. Book – A printed or e-book is another idea that you can do if you want to grow your business because it helps to make you an authority on your market.
  17. Email newsletter – An email newsletter is a must for your brand or company if you want to stick out in the crowded business space. Companies that want to succeed need to have an email newsletter. You can update it once a week or twice a week, as long as you are building your list into something significant.
  18. Illustrations – For B2C brands, illustrations are another good way to showcase products without being obvious. You could mix illustrations with the product picture to heighten the sense of texture for your client.
  19. Instagram Stories that tell a narrative – Use Instagram Stories correctly and use it to tell a narrative about your company or your brand in order to encourage more followers to be your paying clients.
  20. Storytelling Catalogues – Catalogues are still popular with certain types of businesses in the consumer sector but you can breathe new life into them by creating what I call ‘a storytelling catalogue’. This is a catalogue that explains to the user how they can use products in a way that fits the story of their life. For example, if you are running an e-commerce fashion business, you can create a catalogue that has a story of how you can wear different clothing for different occasions.
  21. PDF Downloads – These can be used to create a stronger connection between you and your prospects. Always ask for email before allowing the download to go ahead.
  22. Q and A Sessions with clients – This is a good idea to create unique content that other prospects will want to read. You can ask questions to your best clients and publish the answers to your website.
  23. Interviews – Interesting interviews always do well online especially if you want more people to look at your website.
  24. Investigations – Your company could showcase a detailed investigation into an interesting topic in your industry. For example, if you work in the delivery business, you could commission an investigation into the future of the delivery business and how it will look like
  25. Top 10 articles – Numbered lists do well online in terms of generating search for your company. Try and write top 10 articles on your company’s blog to improve search.
  26. Visual articles – Always use pictures to enhance your content in order to get more views on your website
  27. Unique product descriptions – Product descriptions that help e-commerce brands increase sales should be short, sweet and have all of the information in them. Write product descriptions that will generate results if you are serious about growing your e-commerce website.
  28. Buyer Guides – E-commerce business owners should write detailed buyer guides in order to encourage more potential online visitors to purchase their products.
  29. Use Pinterest to come up with content marketing ideas – The images on Pinterest can be a good breeding ground to come up with new content marketing ideas
  30. Spreadsheet plans – If your business is in the personal finance space, you could offer free budget plans on spreadsheets that your visitors can download.
  31. Create a survey – People love statistics and love reading about them as well. Create a survey within your market that people will want to share.
  32. Commission an artist to create art and ask your prospects to rate it – Be different when it comes to creating content. One idea I have that you can use is find an artist to make art for your office relating to your market and ask prospects and clients to rate it.
  33. Write hand-written thank you notes to your best clients – Your best clients could get a good surprise if they see a hand-written thank you note from you for their business.
  34. Create gifs and memes for your company blog – Humour always lightens the mood for all businesses and this can be a good thing. Create short gifs and memes that you can instantly share to clients and prospects as long as it is in good taste for your industry.
  35. Write industry specific guides for your clients – Each client wants to feel special. If you are running a consulting firm with different clients across different industries, write a dedicated guide for them. By personalising your guide to their industry, this shows them how serious you are about their business and industry.

I’ve added some unique ideas for content marketing in this list and I would love to know how you are going to implement these content marketing ideas into your business. Are you going to start using them straight away or not yet – let me know. Feel free to contact me for more content marketing ideas or if you want to create your own dedicated content marketing strategy.

How to write content that generates views and leads for your business

Creating content whether it is blogs, guides or videos is important if you want to grow your business. Whether you are running a logistics company or if you have a jewellery brand, you need to know how to write and create content that generates results for your small business.

You could decide to have a blog or a resources section on your website so your visitors can get advice or tips on what you are offering. It is tempting to offer superficial content for your visitors because you don’t want to give too much away for free but you need to consider investing in content to see results.

Take a look at these top tips on how you can write content that generates page views and leads for your business –

  • Create different types of content – Don’t just write blogs. Write guides, shoot videos, create tip sheets, write checklists. Create different types of content that will appeal to your visitors in order to encourage them to purchase from you in the long run. Different types of content takes time to create but it can be shared easily which in turn helps you to reach more potential clients.
  • Share your content – You need to share your content across social media platforms in order to have your content viewed. You can’t simply rely on organic search from Google. By sharing your content, you give your content the best chance it has of being shared by the target audience.
  • Come up with unique content ideas that help your visitors – You should always be thinking about creating unique content ideas that help your visitors grow their business. Depending on your business, these content ideas can be difficult or easy to come by. If you ever need help, just contact me and I can help you create content ideas for your business.
  • Be consistent with your content – You should be as consistent as possible so that your visitors know what to expect from your small business. Consistency will help to predict revenue better because you can understand what your customers expect from your website.
  • Hire writers – If writing is not your strong point, you can consider hiring writers who can help you create content that works for your market and for your industry in general. When hiring writers for your content marketing strategy, always choose writers who can meet deadlines because you can always instruct them later on what they need to do.

Feel free to contact me if you need content marketing ideas that you want to bounce off or if you want learn how to write incredible content for your company.


10 content marketing ideas for company blogs and entrepreneurs

Having a company blog for your business is important if you are going to generate organic leads. Not everyone likes picking up the phone so if you want to get new leads for your business, you have to start blogging and create content for potential clients. I’ve come up with 25 content marketing ideas that you need to try today in order to grow your business online. This post is ideal for you if you are running a B2B business or you are an entrepreneur growing your latest business.  Continue reading “10 content marketing ideas for company blogs and entrepreneurs”