How to write content that generates views and leads for your business

Creating content whether it is blogs, guides or videos is important if you want to grow your business. Whether you are running a logistics company or if you have a jewellery brand, you need to know how to write and create content that generates results for your small business.

You could decide to have a blog or a resources section on your website so your visitors can get advice or tips on what you are offering. It is tempting to offer superficial content for your visitors because you don’t want to give too much away for free but you need to consider investing in content to see results.

Take a look at these top tips on how you can write content that generates page views and leads for your business –

  • Create different types of content – Don’t just write blogs. Write guides, shoot videos, create tip sheets, write checklists. Create different types of content that will appeal to your visitors in order to encourage them to purchase from you in the long run. Different types of content takes time to create but it can be shared easily which in turn helps you to reach more potential clients.
  • Share your content – You need to share your content across social media platforms in order to have your content viewed. You can’t simply rely on organic search from Google. By sharing your content, you give your content the best chance it has of being shared by the target audience.
  • Come up with unique content ideas that help your visitors – You should always be thinking about creating unique content ideas that help your visitors grow their business. Depending on your business, these content ideas can be difficult or easy to come by. If you ever need help, just contact me and I can help you create content ideas for your business.
  • Be consistent with your content – You should be as consistent as possible so that your visitors know what to expect from your small business. Consistency will help to predict revenue better because you can understand what your customers expect from your website.
  • Hire writers – If writing is not your strong point, you can consider hiring writers who can help you create content that works for your market and for your industry in general. When hiring writers for your content marketing strategy, always choose writers who can meet deadlines because you can always instruct them later on what they need to do.

Feel free to contact me if you need content marketing ideas that you want to bounce off or if you want learn how to write incredible content for your company.


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