Top 15 ideas to grow your blog traffic ASAP

Top 15 ideas to grow your blog traffic ASAP

If you want to grow your blog traffic, you need to read these top ideas that you should try as soon as possible –

  1. Publish more than one article per day
  2. Write 10 blogs per day for your company blog
  3. Promote every blog on Twitter with an image
  4. Use Gifs on Twitter to showcase your blog
  5. Post your blogs in Instagram Stories
  6. Talk about your blogs in Snapchat
  7. Post your blog links in YouTube description boxes
  8. Write content that people want to read
  9. Research keywords that don’t have tonnes of competition
  10. Send your best blog to a top influencer to read
  11. Study your analytics and see what the top articles are
  12. Write list posts such as Top 100 digital marketing ideas for 2018
  13. Cross promote your blog on Pinterest and LinkedIn
  14. Write long 1,000 word plus blogs to increase traffic
  15. Include beautiful images to create shareable blogs

Increasing blog traffic should be one of your top priorities if you want to build your business and make it successful. Use these top 15 ideas today to start seeing results.

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10 content marketing ideas for company blogs and entrepreneurs

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