Mid-May 2018 Update: New lessons I have learned about increasing blog traffic, affiliate marketing and finding new email subscribers

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My last post was 7 days ago – I am going to try and update as often as possible. I have been super busy working on new client projects on the digital side of my business and I have also been trying to create content for my affiliate marketing business, so it has been tough to manage time effectively.

In just 7 days, I have learned some tough, hard but necessary lessons about growing a business through technology and marketing. Here are some of my lessons, mistakes and things I have learned in these few days:

  • Affiliate marketing is really, really hard: I have signed up as an affiliate for my beauty website. I am creating a lot of content, it is generating shares, likes and positive comments but the elusive sale is far, far away. Just yesterday, the tracking software told me I had 47 click-thrus on my links yesterday alone however, I still need more. The site is still young and I am on an aggressive content marketing strategy so I need to give it some more time. I am hoping it will begin to generate sales soon, it is good to see click-thru numbers increasing. I know it takes a while to generate trust before people purchase a product.
  • Pinterest is excellent at generating referrals: I am currently working on a Pinterest campaign for a wonderful client. Through this work, I have learned that Pinterest is amazing at generating referral traffic. It really is and it is completely ignored in favour of Instagram. I don’t want to be subject to the breezes of Instagram tech algorithm executives – I like Pinterest, and I want to work on more on growing my personal Pinterest account traffic and creating new accounts for future brands and businesses that I will launch.
  • Reblogs are important for increasing traffic: I was lucky enough to get a reblog for this Imperial site from a blogger with more than 2K+ followers. This gave me a random spike of traffic that highlighted the importance of writing excellent content that inspires people to share, like and reblog on WordPress if possible.
  • Email subscribers are elusive but I want them: Don’t forget to sign up for my free email newsletter where I share exclusive content for VIP subscribers. I think email subscribers are extremely important for B2B brands who are trying to build their companies.
  • Traffic only goes up if new content is written: This has been the biggest lesson that I have learned this year. Traffic increases for my beauty site only go up if I create new content as regularly as possible. It’s difficult because you are always on the hunt to write new content daily. How can you do this when you have tonnes of work and trying to build a digital marketing firm? It can be done because there are 24 hours in a day.
  • Client work is enjoyable when you start screening clients: I have started screening the type of clients I want and this is allowing me to find clients who are more interesting, pay better and pay on time without stressing me out. I am learning that low-paying clients are not worth the hassle and I am focusing now on high-paying clients who want excellent results and believe my time and efforts are worth it.
  • I am launching a new Pinterest Power Package for clients: This is a new package for clients who want Pinterest marketing done on a monthly retainer basis. I am super excited about this because Pinterest has unlimited capabilities for brands and businesses.
  • Clients who have the ability to pay are ones with budgets: Financial services, legal and health & technology are markets where clients have budgets for marketing. I really want to focus on these segments to find monthly retainers that make sense and that I can help clients reach their marketing goals.

How has your May been so far and how do you plan to grow your business this month? Don’t forget to sign up for my free email newsletter where I write subscriber-only content about marketing, optimisation, increasing traffic + business models.

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