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How to write a convincing cold email if you work in financial services [FREE TEMPLATE INCLUDED INSIDE]

Accountants, financial planners and financial advisors need to market and promote their services without breaching laws. I have some excellent ideas that you can use (for free) in your cold emails and cold sales letters in order to increase revenues. If you are an entrepreneur in the financial services industry, this is a blog post that you need to read and save. For more detailed analysis, you can also sign up to my free email newsletter.

Top tips when writing your sales letter or cold email for selling financial services

  • Don’t bore your prospect – no one wants to hear about gamechanging financial services software. They want to know if it is going to cost or make them money
  • Don’t include links to your company just yet
  • Highlight one benefit of working with you – Maybe your financial services company helps prospects to save money faster than the competitors or you are a top accountant whose money management services has landed you big blue chip clients.

I’ve written a free template below that you can use when selling and promoting your financial services brand. You can use this template free of charge (just let me know that is it worked out for you by commenting or sending me an email). I also can help you create super detailed cold sales emails if you need help.

Free Sales Letter/Email Template For The Financial Services Industry

Hi ProspectName,

My name is XYZ from XXX. This isn’t another generic email telling you that you will save more money by switching to our financial services brand. I noticed that your industry is growing and I think a growing business needs rock-solid financial foundations to prosper.

Can I send you a free checklist on new trends in accounting and financial services that you should know about and how they affect your bottom line?

Let me know if I can send it along or if you have any questions.



As you can see from this template, this is an opener cold email. You won’t sell off the first cold email, you will sell your services off the following cold emails that truly showcase the benefits of your services. You need to use this opener to gently open up discussing since most companies will already have significant accounting or financial service providers. How are you going to stand out? You will stand out by writing a cold email that wants to help your prospects succeed.

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How to write a captivating Pinterest description

Pinterest Image

If one of your key goals is growing your Pinterest referral traffic onto your website, you know you must write a compelling description that inspires people to look at your Pin before losing interest.

Where does the description go?

Pinterest screenshot

As you can see from the image, the description tends to go where I put the thick black arrow. This image above from this Pinner doesn’t have a description so for them if they have a business; it is a lost opportunity to promote their products. You can’t expect Pinners to do all the hard work for you. You have to make it simple for everyone to know the context of your Pin and what it is.

A poorly executed Pinterest description means people will not save or repin your image and nor will they be inclined to click through to your website.

What is a good example of Pinterest description?

Pinterest 2

This example from a company called Style Loft is a solid example of how a Pinterest description should look. First the Pin has a lot of content on it because it is a Rich Pin and it clearly explains that the focus of the image is the sunglasses that are for sale. Secondly, look where I put the arrow – that is the actual description. Why is it good?

  • Gets straight to the point
  • Lets potential customers know when they can purchase the product
  • Tells customers the name of the product so they can search it for themselves
  • Tells you the colour mix that you can see in the photo

Some Pinterest descriptions are longer – others are shorter. I like the concise approach of this description and I think anyone who is involved with selling products online should 100% consider using this approach. Continue reading “How to write a captivating Pinterest description”

10 Calls-To-Action To Increase Fashion & Beauty E-Commerce Sales

Calls To Action 1

10 calls-to-action to increase fashion & beauty e-commerce sales

If you want more people to purchase your products, use these calls-to-action (CTA) and start seeing results in your social media & promotional content. For fashion, beauty & lifestyle entrepreneurs, these are the calls-to-action that you need to start using ASAP.

For Fashion, Beauty & Consumer Lifestyle Businesses

  1. Look beautiful with inspiring products from our company (Fashion)
  2. Inspire the new you to come out with this brand new product that you can get today (Fashion)
  3. Glow from inside and out with a sparkling highlighter (Beauty)
  4. Make your face stand out with rockstar matte lipstick (Beauty)
  5. Sculpt the body of your dreams with this bodycon dress (Fashion)
  6. Don’t miss out on this limited edition mini-dress that will sell out today (Fashion)
  7. Celebrities are obsessed with nude lipstick – get this one today before it goes away for good! (Beauty)
  8. Achieve super soft skin today without missing a beat when you get our new moisturizer with free shipping (Beauty)
  9. Be the supermodel of your life with these sky-high platform heels (Fashion)
  10. Get Instagram-ready with this bodycon dress (Fashion)

As you can see these top 10 fashion and beauty calls-to-action, it is critical to write effectively and to inspire people to purchase products today. In order to get customers to buy today, you need to create desire and sell products that are enriching and obsessive.

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{CASE STUDY} Inside a real-life Instagram marketing funnel that led to a $25 sale

Instagram Marketing

Inside a real-life Instagram marketing funnel that actually worked to generate a $25 sale to an e-commerce website

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I have an amazing treat for you guys today. I have a detailed breakdown of a real-life marketing funnel from interest to sale based on what a friend of mine told me about how she purchased a product. I asked her to share how she made a decision to purchase artificial nails and she was willing to share how she bought them as long as she could be anonymous. Get a cup of tea ready and let’s get started into this super-detailed case study.

Product – She wanted to buy artificial nails from this nail brand.

A marketing funnel is essentially the journey that a consumer takes from seeing your brand, engaging with interest, choosing a product to actually purchasing a product from your company. I know that reading about sales funnels, marketing funnels and purchase funnels can almost make your eyes glaze over, this is why I only want to discuss them if I can find a real-life human being example – not just jargon thrown around.

Step 1 – Being visible on the Instagram Timeline and being seen by influencers

Post notifications are the devil and the constant Instagram algorithmic changes mean that brands need to be aggressive and fight to be seen on the platform. My friend said she turned on her phone and logged into Instagram to see what pictures had been uploaded by her friends on the day. She then saw a post from a famous influencer in this space who has more than 30,000+ followers on Instagram. The influencer was wearing the nails that she thought looked good and she did tell me that she really wanted them because she thought that they looked amazing based on how the influencer took the picture.

Takeaway: Influencer marketing still works, but influencers with smaller followings are capturing consumer attention more than larger influencers.

Continue reading “{CASE STUDY} Inside a real-life Instagram marketing funnel that led to a $25 sale”