Instagram Marketing Series – How to get new followers – Part 3

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Instagram Marketing Series.

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If you want to get new followers on Instagram, you need to approach increasing followers across 30 days. One month is enough time to see if your strategies are working. Here are some ideas I think you can start using in order to increase your follower count –

  • Comment on other people’s profiles
  • Write meaningful comments
  • Engage on celebrity gossip Instagram sites — the engagement rate is high and if people like your comments, they will follow you back
  • Post stunning images that people will like
  • Write a biography that makes people want to follow you
  • Update Instagram Stories every day
  • Cross promote Instagram on your Twitter and Pinterest accounts
  • Promote Instagram on your blog if you have one
  • Upload videos a few times a week

Gaining new followers will require you to put in several hours of Instagram marketing work per day. You do need to reply to comments and post new pictures. I like the idea of posting several pictures a day if you are targeting consumers so that people can see you. The algorithm changes means that you need to use Instagram Stories carefully so that your followers are reminded that you are around.

I hope from this bite-sized Instagram Marketing Series that you will learn that you need to take it extremely seriously in order to make your follower numbers flourish.

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Instagram Marketing Series – Stick with a theme – Part 2

Stick with a theme

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You need to have a theme if you are going to generate tonnes of Instagram followers for your account. There is no point having different types of pictures on your business account on Instagram because then you will end up turning off your followers.

Here are some of the top themes for Instagram accounts if you want to grow something to be successful –

  1. Fashion
  2. Food
  3. Luxury Travel
  4. Budget Travel
  5. Cars
  6. Jewellery
  7. Celebrity
  8. Memes and Humour
  9. Fitness and Weight Loss
  10. Sports

If your Instagram account for your brand falls into any of these niches, you will be successful only if you post about the same topic over and over again with some variety. For example, if you are a sports Instagrammer, post about a variety of sports but stick to the ones that people like such as basketball and football.

If you are a food Instagrammer and your followers love over the top food images, stick to those photos but also add videos and giveaways to keep them entertained.

Themes matter in Instagram – stick to your theme with militant focus to increase your followers

It’s really important to stick to your theme if you want to grow your account to 100,000 followers and more.

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Instagram Marketing Series – Instagram Stories – Part 1

In my new Instagram Marketing Series, I am going to help you get to grips with Instagram in an actionable way especially if you are busy. You can also check out my Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing.

The power of Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories are crazy and insane in how effective they are. The company will now even tell you when someone screenshots your Stories, according to a new report. Instagram Stories are powerful because:

  • They show you how engaged your Instagram audience is
  • They allow you to tell narratives
  • You can build the behind the scenes element of who you are there
  • You can include video
  • You can build new ties with other Instagram users

For my followers and subscribers, I want to see you all using Instagram Stories to connect with your followers. You don’t need to be spammy and annoying trying to get people to buy your products. Show them who you are and watch as your analytics will grow.

Instagram Stories do better when they are done off the cuff. Shoot video of you and your team brainstorming in your office or show the behind the scenes of a photoshoot for your fashion brand. Be organic and fresh and watch your Stories grow.

Watch out for Part 2.

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