7 Detailed Tips to Creating B2B Content That Generates Leads For Your Business

Generating leads is critical for growing a B2B business. Doing this by content marketing and social media marketing has become more accepted but I’ve noticed that some B2B companies are still struggling to create the content that converts prospects into buyers. This guide is going to explain the type of content that converts into sales but it won’t sugarcoat what you need to do in order to get there.

  • You need to do sales

You can be as passionate about marketing and your product all day but if you don’t go out there and sell your products and services, it doesn’t matter. If you are a B2B consulting company, you have to start cold calling or cold emailing businesses that need your services. To soften the blow, you can add a lead magnet to your cold email such as a free checklist or a free tipsheet that will help your prospect trust you. Every company has their own approach when it comes to doing sales. I think B2B brands that do sales daily or weekly fuelled with appropriate content marketing have the best chance to succeed. For super detailed thoughts on sales, my email newsletter will do the trick.

  • Create a lead magnet that matters for your audience

Let’s say you are running a debt management company targeting commercial businesses. You might want to create a lead magnet to grow your email list so that you can promote your business in the future. An appropriate lead magnet for your target customer base could be something such as a PDF download on how to stay calm and relaxed when dealing with commercial debts. Adding a personal touch in the lead magnet is an excellent way of getting a potential customer’s attention. In order to create this lead magnet, work with a graphic designer or a content marketing writer to communicate your message effectively.

  • Write consistent email newsletters

Guys – email is still king in a sea of social media apps and social companies. Email gets the attention of the people you are trying to target and it acts as a walled garden where you can plant seeds for your brand. You need to be consistent though. I have an exclusive email newsletter that you can get new case studies and my views on growing business, and I do think email newsletters are a good way to showcase your detailed opinions and thoughts while promoting your brand without being annoying.

  • Stop writing annoying salesy content

Whether you are a B2B marketing agency or you are a B2B supplier for industrial companies, the message is the same – no one wants to read annoying salesy content when they are reading an article. I have noticed a lot of B2B companies write salesy calls to action at the end of blogs and articles. This is the wrong way to do it. Let’s say you write an article full of suggestions and tips for your potential target customer base. Do not say ‘Call us to schedule a free consultation’ at the end. People are tired of being sold to through market. A better call to action is to encourage them to sign up for your free email newsletter so they can stay up to date with your business. Stop selling in a way that is super aggressive and annoying. I have plenty of ideas on how you can stop writing annoying calls to action at the end of your B2B content. Here are some good calls to action that you can include that won’t irritate people:

  • Thanks for reading the article – feel free to sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date with what we are up to
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me for more details or sign up for our free email newsletter

Once the person has signed up via email or contacted you, s/he is showing they are interested eventually and you can slot them into your funnel. I’ve already made my point clear – stop overdoing the promotional content at the end of excellent B2B content. It is jarring and annoying. You will sell products and services eventually to people once you have caught them into your orbit.

  • Work with writers who know what they are doing

One of the biggest mistakes B2B brands are making is working with writers who are not detailed or thorough. If you want to create B2B content that will get shared, find a content marketing agency that can do the job or work with a writer with experience. Don’t offer small amounts of money and hope to get New York Times style journalism – it’s not going to happen. I always go into a lot of detail when I am writing my email newsletter so if you want to get an idea of how good content looks, make sure you read my email tips when they come out.

  • Make the content stand out from the crowd

Content has almost lost its meaning in 2018 and it probably will feel stale in 2019. If you want more leads for your business, your content needs to be good. This means everything from your articles, blogs, lead magnets, checklists and PDF downloads needs to stand out. By standing out, I mean go niche or go deep and make sure the content is popping. If you are running a B2B company, you should be creating industry guides, buyer guides for your market and white papers that showcase everything that your company knows. B2B buyers have long cycles and they won’t just pick up the phone and buy today. By creating content that helps people make decisions, you won’t be stuck in a sea of badly written articles online. Some of the best B2B content I have seen includes images, graphics that were created just for that article, table of contents and detailed case studies.

  • Create a lot of content

One of the biggest mistakes B2B companies make is assume that creating 3 blogs a month is enough to promote their businesses. Wrong. There is too much competition for this 2010 marketing strategy. If your business is going to pop with fizz in 2018, 2019 and 2020, you have to create content that matters on a consistent schedule but volume does matter. For B2B brands that want revenue growth to match, update your company blog at least 3 times per week and create one lead magnet once a week to boost email subscription newsletter numbers. This will generate brand new leads for you every week because you will receive organic traffic thanks to your blog being updated 3 times per week and your lead magnet will bring in new leads.

With these 7 tips, you can rehaul your B2B content marketing strategy to suit the times. No one is going to do the work for you and this means having to think long and hard about how you are going to bring leads into your business. I want leads to flow into your business. Incorporate these 7 tips for at least 30 days and let me know how you get on. As always, the best marketing and business tips are found in my exclusive email newsletter – be part of our exclusive club by joining here.

5 strategies you need to use if you want to promote your blog posts

blog post promo

It’s no good simply focusing on writing blog posts. You need to promote them and get out there especially if you are a new blogger. There are some huge blogging brands that can get away with not promoting new posts. If this isn’t you, try these 5 ideas that are tried and tested which will help you promote your brand new blog posts so that more people can see them.

Promote your new blog several times per day on Twitter

Twitter is a solid source of referral traffic for all types of bloggers. You should take one post and highlight specific points about it throughout the day.

Let’s say you are a personal finance blogger – you might have written an article about the rise of young people trying to get out of debt. You should highlight between 5 – 7 points from your blog as what I call ‘pull-out points’ but keep the same link from bit.ly so that you can track how many people are reading and which points are sticking out to people.

If I was in the shoes of the personal finance bloggers, I would share my blog post on Twitter at least 7 times throughout the day showcasing 7 unique points from my blog such as cutting back on frivolous spending, going out less and saving money in different accounts. This is much more powerful than just tweeting your article out once. It will also help you to build more traffic back to your blog. Continue reading “5 strategies you need to use if you want to promote your blog posts”

Mid-May 2018 Update: New lessons I have learned about increasing blog traffic, affiliate marketing and finding new email subscribers

Brief 1

My last post was 7 days ago – I am going to try and update as often as possible. I have been super busy working on new client projects on the digital side of my business and I have also been trying to create content for my affiliate marketing business, so it has been tough to manage time effectively.

In just 7 days, I have learned some tough, hard but necessary lessons about growing a business through technology and marketing. Here are some of my lessons, mistakes and things I have learned in these few days:

  • Affiliate marketing is really, really hard: I have signed up as an affiliate for my beauty website. I am creating a lot of content, it is generating shares, likes and positive comments but the elusive sale is far, far away. Just yesterday, the tracking software told me I had 47 click-thrus on my links yesterday alone however, I still need more. The site is still young and I am on an aggressive content marketing strategy so I need to give it some more time. I am hoping it will begin to generate sales soon, it is good to see click-thru numbers increasing. I know it takes a while to generate trust before people purchase a product.
  • Pinterest is excellent at generating referrals: I am currently working on a Pinterest campaign for a wonderful client. Through this work, I have learned that Pinterest is amazing at generating referral traffic. It really is and it is completely ignored in favour of Instagram. I don’t want to be subject to the breezes of Instagram tech algorithm executives – I like Pinterest, and I want to work on more on growing my personal Pinterest account traffic and creating new accounts for future brands and businesses that I will launch.
  • Reblogs are important for increasing traffic: I was lucky enough to get a reblog for this Imperial site from a blogger with more than 2K+ followers. This gave me a random spike of traffic that highlighted the importance of writing excellent content that inspires people to share, like and reblog on WordPress if possible.
  • Email subscribers are elusive but I want them: Don’t forget to sign up for my free email newsletter where I share exclusive content for VIP subscribers. I think email subscribers are extremely important for B2B brands who are trying to build their companies.
  • Traffic only goes up if new content is written: This has been the biggest lesson that I have learned this year. Traffic increases for my beauty site only go up if I create new content as regularly as possible. It’s difficult because you are always on the hunt to write new content daily. How can you do this when you have tonnes of work and trying to build a digital marketing firm? It can be done because there are 24 hours in a day.
  • Client work is enjoyable when you start screening clients: I have started screening the type of clients I want and this is allowing me to find clients who are more interesting, pay better and pay on time without stressing me out. I am learning that low-paying clients are not worth the hassle and I am focusing now on high-paying clients who want excellent results and believe my time and efforts are worth it.
  • I am launching a new Pinterest Power Package for clients: This is a new package for clients who want Pinterest marketing done on a monthly retainer basis. I am super excited about this because Pinterest has unlimited capabilities for brands and businesses.
  • Clients who have the ability to pay are ones with budgets: Financial services, legal and health & technology are markets where clients have budgets for marketing. I really want to focus on these segments to find monthly retainers that make sense and that I can help clients reach their marketing goals.

How has your May been so far and how do you plan to grow your business this month? Don’t forget to sign up for my free email newsletter where I write subscriber-only content about marketing, optimisation, increasing traffic + business models.

75 Blog Post Ideas To Increase Traffic For Your Blog


Guys – we all know and want to increase traffic. However, achieving this can be extremely difficult especially because there is so much content and competition in the industry. Whether you are a financial advisor, lifestyle blogger or you are a lawyer, you need to have a blog on your website in order to generate traffic and new business for your brand.

It’s that simple. 

I have created a unique list of the Top 75 Blog Post Ideas to grow your the traffic for your business. If you want even more ideas on content creation for your blog, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you. You can also sign up for my free email newsletter with subscriber-only content to help you in your business.

Here we go!

Top 75 Blog Post Ideas To Increase Traffic For Your Blog

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Client Through Blogging & Content Marketing?


Content marketing is all the rage at the moment. 75% of marketers are going to increase budgets in content marketing, according to this source. 69% of content marketers in B2B focus on making content for their audience instead of their brand according to the same source.

It would be awesome to acquire customers without having to pay but that’s not the real world.

When you are trying to grow your business, you need to factor in how much you will spend for content marketing, if it is going to be in your budget.

Content marketing is a garden full of leads but only if you know how to plant the seeds

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