How to write a convincing cold email if you work in financial services [FREE TEMPLATE INCLUDED INSIDE]

Accountants, financial planners and financial advisors need to market and promote their services without breaching laws. I have some excellent ideas that you can use (for free) in your cold emails and cold sales letters in order to increase revenues. If you are an entrepreneur in the financial services industry, this is a blog post that you need to read and save. For more detailed analysis, you can also sign up to my free email newsletter.

Top tips when writing your sales letter or cold email for selling financial services

  • Don’t bore your prospect – no one wants to hear about gamechanging financial services software. They want to know if it is going to cost or make them money
  • Don’t include links to your company just yet
  • Highlight one benefit of working with you – Maybe your financial services company helps prospects to save money faster than the competitors or you are a top accountant whose money management services has landed you big blue chip clients.

I’ve written a free template below that you can use when selling and promoting your financial services brand. You can use this template free of charge (just let me know that is it worked out for you by commenting or sending me an email). I also can help you create super detailed cold sales emails if you need help.

Free Sales Letter/Email Template For The Financial Services Industry

Hi ProspectName,

My name is XYZ from XXX. This isn’t another generic email telling you that you will save more money by switching to our financial services brand. I noticed that your industry is growing and I think a growing business needs rock-solid financial foundations to prosper.

Can I send you a free checklist on new trends in accounting and financial services that you should know about and how they affect your bottom line?

Let me know if I can send it along or if you have any questions.



As you can see from this template, this is an opener cold email. You won’t sell off the first cold email, you will sell your services off the following cold emails that truly showcase the benefits of your services. You need to use this opener to gently open up discussing since most companies will already have significant accounting or financial service providers. How are you going to stand out? You will stand out by writing a cold email that wants to help your prospects succeed.

Did you like this article and the free sales letter template? Get in touch with me or stay connected me via my email newsletter in order to supercharge your business’ growth.

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