5 strategies you need to use if you want to promote your blog posts

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It’s no good simply focusing on writing blog posts. You need to promote them and get out there especially if you are a new blogger. There are some huge blogging brands that can get away with not promoting new posts. If this isn’t you, try these 5 ideas that are tried and tested which will help you promote your brand new blog posts so that more people can see them.

Promote your new blog several times per day on Twitter

Twitter is a solid source of referral traffic for all types of bloggers. You should take one post and highlight specific points about it throughout the day.

Let’s say you are a personal finance blogger – you might have written an article about the rise of young people trying to get out of debt. You should highlight between 5 – 7 points from your blog as what I call ‘pull-out points’ but keep the same link from bit.ly so that you can track how many people are reading and which points are sticking out to people.

If I was in the shoes of the personal finance bloggers, I would share my blog post on Twitter at least 7 times throughout the day showcasing 7 unique points from my blog such as cutting back on frivolous spending, going out less and saving money in different accounts. This is much more powerful than just tweeting your article out once. It will also help you to build more traffic back to your blog.

Share your new post on Pinterest

It is not negotiable – you have to share your new blog post via Pinterest but you need to make an image so that people will be able to see it when they are searching. Create an attractive graphic for free on Canva and upload this onto Pinterest by linking back to your blog. Within about 3 days, you should start seeing traffic dripping back to your blog.

Share via Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an excellent avenue to supercharge your blog’s traffic. You do need to put in work to grow your Facebook Group member list in order to see results. As organic reach decreases on Facebook Pages’ power, Groups will continue being even more powerful.

Showcase your blogs on Instagram Stories

Yeah I know – it sounds weird and it also sounds like it should not even work in theory but trust me, many people whether they are true followers or lurkers will click back to your blog. Stories add a sense of urgency so if you want to show off your best new blog post, this is the avenue to share it. I would create a beautiful Instagram graphic via Canva to give that extra glossy sheen to anyone who is potentially going to read the blog.

Promote your new blogs in a separate list

It’s really important to have a separate list for your email subscribers besides relying on your CMS to share your new posts to your subscribers. I like the idea of promoting new posts in another email every week just to remind busy subscribers who haven’t seen the post yet.

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