How to generate more than 1 million Pinterest views

How to generate 1M views on Pinterest

Everyone is flocking to Instagram and marketing dollars are following as well. However, being different and going in another direction can reap tonnes of benefits if you know what you are doing. Whether you are an entrepreneur or you are trying to grow a small business, you need to have a social media strategy that generates traffic that will convert. I want to help you reach your Pinterest traffic goals and I am going to help you achieve this by showcasing these free tips on how you can make 1 million Pinterest views for your blog, business or brand.

Ok – but can I really generate millions of Pinterest impressions without spending 5,000 hours?

Yes you can. Just follow my top tips and don’t deviate from the formula that I am going to show you. There are two options to generate 1 million Pinterest views:

  • Live pinning that you do directly from the desktop website
  • Scheduling via Tailwind

Tailwind is a popular scheduling app for Pinterest. It is pricey, let no one tell you any different however I think it’s worth the extra money because it will drip lots of Pinterest traffic onto your website without you hovering over. On the other side, manual pinning can help you get those organic spikes of viral traffic if you are pinning at a certain time such as pinning in the morning or the evening. If you truly want to grow your Pinterest traffic, sign up to my free email newsletter or contact me today so that I can help you. 

1. Pin content that people actually want to see

Popular Pinterest Topics

Pinterest works for specific types of categories and markets. Here are the categories that are most likely to generate 1M Pinterest views super fast:

  • Food (recipes, drinks, gorgeous food photography of meals, desserts, and food styling pictures)
  • Fashion
  • Beauty (makeup products, makeup looks)
  • Wellness
  • Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Personal Finance Tips
  • Travel (inspiration pictures of holidays)

If your brand or business falls into any of these categories, it will be very easy to generate millions of views on Pinterest as long as you are consistent and focused to make things happen. Don’t forget you can contact me any time if you want dedicated help to make your Pinterest traffic sky-rocket and you can sign up to my free email newsletter.

2. Create Rich Pins

Rich Pins is Pinterest jargon for Pins that are rich with data such as text or information that makes them useful for consumers. Images such as infographics or Tall Pins are Rich Pins. You need to sprinkle your Pinterest uploads with these types of Pins because they generate a lot of traffic and they also get saved a lot.

3. Pick the right images

Pinterest Marketing Image

You can find royalty-free stock images or free stock images to build out your Pinterest account for your business if you are in a budget. Always make sure that you pick stunning images to create your Pins so that you attract the most amount of views as possible. For more amazing ideas on what types of images you should choose for Pinterest, contact me today or sign up to my free email newsletter.

4. Create unique time slots

Within Tailwind or any other scheduling app, you should create unique time slots with uneven numbers such as 10:37AM or 2:49PM because this is different compared to other Pinners who schedule on even numbers. Make sure that you have unique time slots and you upload consistently every day at time different times to give your Pinterest account a jolt.

5. Encourage people to save your Pin

One smart idea to grow your Pinterest account into millions of views is telling other people to RePin or Save your Pin. You should write attractive calls to action in the Pin description in order to get more people to save your Pin. This strategy is guaranteed to work because I am seeing a lot of results from currently using it.

Do you want to boost your views on Pinterest to get to 1,000,000 views or more? You can get in touch with me today or you can sign up to my email list to know all the tips that Pinterest has to offer. If you want to go to the next level, keep reading. For my paying Pinterest clients, I sprinkle lots of sugar and spice with Pinterest campaigns, consultations and ebooks that will make your traffic explode. Get in touch with me today to make it happen for you. 


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