How to write vibrant product descriptions that make customers want to buy your products

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I know there are so many how-to articles about how to write product descriptions. I promise that mine is different and it is not going to be a waste of your time. Product descriptions act as the anchor on your e-commerce business’ website because everyone needs to read the description to understand what the product is, what the product does and whether the product is worth their money.

There are some pure-play retailers who totally understand that product descriptions act as the fuel for sales. There are other retailers who are ignorant. You need to be in the former group and use product descriptions to power your e-commerce sales, instead of solely relying on other channels such as social media and organic search.

5 ways to write product descriptions for e-commerce

  • Make descriptions pop out from the page with vivid copywriting

For Love & Lemons  is a hot clothing brand that sells a lot of clothing through their e-commerce website. I’ve added screenshots below to show you what they have gotten right about their product description.

For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons

The description paints a picture of how the customer will look when wearing this specific dress (by telling them it ‘highlights all your feminine features’). The painting is given more colour when the description explains how the dress looks with textured language by calling the ruffles ‘cascading’’and noting how the neckline accentuates a woman’s collar bone.

Product descriptions don’t need to be boring and they don’t need to be long either. For Love & Lemons  has managed to write a description that turns every detail about the dress into a benefit. Fashionistas who love dresses will want this feminine dress that accentuates the positive elements of their bodies. Why? Because the words on the page make the dress appealing for women who love fashionable dresses that suit their figures.

If you want to add vibrancy into your copywriting, you need to think outside of the box in a way to shine a light onto your products without rattling off what the product features on its’ own.

  • Talk about how the product feels to human touch

A missed opportunity for many e-commerce brands is the fact that many descriptions lack a connection to the human touch. For example, if your e-commerce brand is selling jewellery online, you need to highlight how the rings, bracelets and necklaces feel against the human body. Add sensuality, touch, and sensory delight to your product descriptions if you are going to inspire people to part with their cash.

If you are focusing on selling rings online, I would write how the weight of the ring can feel luxurious if it is heavy. I would also write about how the ring slides onto the finger of the customer depending on whether it is a cocktail ring or not. By looking at senses such as touch or sight, you open up your e-commerce description to a brand new group of customers who are looking for something special when they purchase a product.

  • Optimise for mobile viewing

More than 60% of smartphone users have used their mobile to buy something online in at least the past 6 months, according to Outerbox Marketing.  River Island have optimised even their desktop to cater to mobile browers. Have a look at the screenshot below to see why:

Blog 3

As you can see from the screenshot, River Island has used bullet points to explain the key elements of the product. While bullet points are important, they can sometimes be staid and boring. However, they are effective for mobile browsing because they allow people to scan quickly without being confronted with a wall of text.

  • Add sub-headings

Sub-headings are like syrup on pancakes when we are talking about e-commerce product descriptions. You need them to add flavour to the product itself so it can taste good. Customers need to see more sub-headings in product descriptions so that they are easier to scan.

If you write long, text-rich paragraphs, you are going to turn people off and lose them. Consider adding sub-headings that make sense for the products you are selling online. They don’t need to be excessively long.

  • Include eye-popping calls-to-action (CTA)

Calls-to-action (CTA) are critical if your product descriptions are going to convert visitors into people who actually buy your products. Old-fashioned 2000s CTA such as ‘Buy This Now’ are going out of style because they are overly pushy and aggressive. I prefer going for CTAs that stand out without suffocating the people who are reading your description.

For example, if you sell vitamins online, you probably already know that vitamins that make hair longer, skin softer and nails longer are incredibly popular with consumers. This consumer category generates millions of dollars per year for e-commerce brands because people like the idea of using vitamins to make their hair grow longer. However, the CTAs for e-commerce brands in this space can be outdated. Here are some ways that vitamin e-commerce brands can encourage people to buy with unique CTAs:

  • For customers who are purchasing hair vitamins, a CTA could be ‘nourish your hair today by having these vitamins in your bathroom cabinet today’ instead of ‘buy our vitamins right now’. Using unique language that isn’t like everyone else’s website will get you the attention you are looking for.
  • Another CTA for people selling vitamins online could be ‘fuel your body with healthy supplements by taking the step today to start your new regime. Refuel your body each day by purchasing today’.

E-Commerce Product Description Writing Checklist

If you want to write your own product descriptions, here is a free checklist that you can take away with you to ensure that you write beautiful and vivid product descriptions that generate sales:

  • Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Pen & Paper to write down ideas for your description
  • Product fact sheet from your manufacturer about the products you are selling

Write wonderful product descriptions today that take your e-commerce business to the next level by following my top tips. You can also contact me for a free consultation about how you can improve your e-commerce product descriptions or you can hire me to write them for you if you wish.

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