{CASE STUDY} Inside a real-life Instagram marketing funnel that led to a $25 sale

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Inside a real-life Instagram marketing funnel that actually worked to generate a $25 sale to an e-commerce website

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I have an amazing treat for you guys today. I have a detailed breakdown of a real-life marketing funnel from interest to sale based on what a friend of mine told me about how she purchased a product. I asked her to share how she made a decision to purchase artificial nails and she was willing to share how she bought them as long as she could be anonymous. Get a cup of tea ready and let’s get started into this super-detailed case study.

Product – She wanted to buy artificial nails from this nail brand.

A marketing funnel is essentially the journey that a consumer takes from seeing your brand, engaging with interest, choosing a product to actually purchasing a product from your company. I know that reading about sales funnels, marketing funnels and purchase funnels can almost make your eyes glaze over, this is why I only want to discuss them if I can find a real-life human being example – not just jargon thrown around.

Step 1 – Being visible on the Instagram Timeline and being seen by influencers

Post notifications are the devil and the constant Instagram algorithmic changes mean that brands need to be aggressive and fight to be seen on the platform. My friend said she turned on her phone and logged into Instagram to see what pictures had been uploaded by her friends on the day. She then saw a post from a famous influencer in this space who has more than 30,000+ followers on Instagram. The influencer was wearing the nails that she thought looked good and she did tell me that she really wanted them because she thought that they looked amazing based on how the influencer took the picture.

Takeaway: Influencer marketing still works, but influencers with smaller followings are capturing consumer attention more than larger influencers.

Step 2 – Asking a question on the brand’s Instagram page

My friend said that she asked a question on the brand’s Instagram page and she received a reply telling them the actual name and product code of the product on the brand’s e-commerce website. She also told me she was happy to get a reply as many Instagram-focused online businesses rarely reply. I was disappointed to hear that other entrepreneurs are struggling to reply to customers. It is pure courtesy to respond to customers who want to buy a product honestly. I’ve also noticed that other brands literally don’t reply. I don’t care if there are 10 comments or 100+ comments, each person deserves a response. End of.

Takeaway: Businesses need to respond to questions from consumers on Instagram. You never know who could buy based on you showing that you care and responding to every comment. One brand that is very good about responding on Instagram is Flat Tummy Tea.

Step 3 – Clicking from Instagram onto the website directly

My friend was encouraged by the fact the brand replied with the name of the product. She then went on the website and searched for the product. She told me the price seemed fair to her and that she would be ready to buy the product, she just needed to check her bank balance.

Takeaway: It’s important for websites to pop with beauty after someone has clicked through from Instagram as they might want to purchase right then.

Step 4 – Time to make the purchase

After checking her balance, she made the purchase directly on the website and she told me she is really looking forward to receiving the product. I asked her what were her driving reasons to actually buy the product instead of just lurking she said:

  • Price was affordable and she had the cash in her account at the time
  • She loved the vibrant product pictures and she liked how the e-commerce website had several product images
  • She liked the easy-to-read FAQ section

I thought it was interesting that she liked seeing multiple product images and how it looked on a real person. This might have helped with decreasing shopping cart abandonment rates as well.

Takeaway: Capture customers who want to buy with stunning images and relevant content on your e-commerce website.

What you need to learn and understand from this Instagram marketing funnel case study

  • Invest in influencers with under 50K followers: I think this is the new sweet spot for consumer brands on Instagram. The people who follow these type of micro-influencers are super engaged in them and their life, and they totally trust them more than they do celebrities or larger influencers, because they believe they won’t suggest a product that will hurt their followers. Start aggressively finding influencers in this range immediately.
  • Customers don’t buy the way e-commerce companies think: Sometimes I think that we overthink funnels and make them super-complex when they don’t need to be. One of the biggest things missing from many big-name funnel discussions is the topic about price. We are so focused on interest, desire etc but guys, people need to afford the products that you are selling. I think more brands should focus on affordable price ranges if they are going to build successful Instagram marketing funnels. We need to stop thinking like marketers and think like customers again.
  • Instagram Stories are useful but not that much: My friend wasn’t that driven by the Instagram Stories of this specific brand because the influencer had already captured her attention. Stories are important but it takes a specific perseverance to promote through Stories without irritating people within your funnel.
  • Instagram makes it hard to capture email subscribers: My friend did not sign up for the email newsletter directly although presumably she’s on their customer list now so they can re-market to her through back-end sales strategies.

What inspired you about this Instagram marketing funnel? Anything you liked or surprised you? Feel free to let me know. It’s important to note that each customer is unique and each funnel journey is special however there are trends that you can note.

If you want detailed case studies like this that are focused on e-commerce, continue to read this blog and get in touch. If you want to grow your monthly sales on your e-commerce website, get in touch with me so that I can help you with a custom funnel strategy that has more secrets. As always sign up for my newsletter.

2 thoughts on “{CASE STUDY} Inside a real-life Instagram marketing funnel that led to a $25 sale

  1. mjcarter

    I can appreciate the fact that the company replied with information on the product. They can also eliminate questions regarding the “actual name and product code” if the influencer included that information in the post. I have found it makes things so much easier. Or perhaps placing a direct link to the product in bio.


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