75 Blog Post Ideas To Increase Traffic For Your Blog


Guys – we all know and want to increase traffic. However, achieving this can be extremely difficult especially because there is so much content and competition in the industry. Whether you are a financial advisor, lifestyle blogger or you are a lawyer, you need to have a blog on your website in order to generate traffic and new business for your brand.

It’s that simple. 

I have created a unique list of the Top 75 Blog Post Ideas to grow your the traffic for your business. If you want even more ideas on content creation for your blog, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you. You can also sign up for my free email newsletter with subscriber-only content to help you in your business.

Here we go!

Top 75 Blog Post Ideas To Increase Traffic For Your Blog

  1. Checklist – A checklist needs to be a list of things or items that someone either needs to buy before doing something or it can be a list of things that someone needs to do. For example, if you work in financial services and you target retail investors, you can create a checklist of the things someone needs before they want to apply for a mortgage at a bank. This checklist could include a good credit score, sizeable savings and a solid track record at that bank. Checklists are popular and they do well in search. Don’t forget to sign up for my email newsletter if you want to learn more about content creation especially with unique ideas like checklists. I really like this blogger checklist which can help you understand how to design it if you want to design a checklist. This checklist is from Oh So Amelia:Checklist 2
  2. Cheat Sheets – These are similar to checklists but they are meant to show off specific tips and tricks that are things that you know but you are sharing for free. I really like this cheat sheet from Copyblogger. It gets straight to the point but makes you feel like you are learning some awesome secrets about YouTube marketing.Cheat Sheet 2
  3. List Posts – These have become famous by BuzzFeed, also known as listicles, but this post you are reading right now is a list post. I enjoy the vibrancy and the ability to scan list posts and I think this is one of the many reasons that they tend to do well in SEO for brands and businesses. Come up with unique ideas to promote your business by using lists. For example, as a financial services company, you could write list posts such as Top 100 Credit Cards For Entrepreneurs. If you are an accountant, you could write an article called Top 50 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Their Accounting. If you are a lawyer, you could write an article like Top 25 Things Defendants Need To Know About Lawyer Fees. Think outside of the box when it comes to creating list posts and ensure to share them on social media.
  4. How-To – These types of blog posts are standard for businesses. You don’t need to spill all your secrets but you can show people certain things. How-To blogs are starting to lose their meaning because many how-to features are not that detailed. If you are going to write a How-To article, make it count by making it excellent to read.
  5. Case Study – Guys case studies are amazing because they show real-life examples of what is happening in a business. Prospects love them. Buyers love them. Investors love them. You basically need to have a tonne of these. For financial services companies, create a case study of how you helped a company with their finances. For book-keepers and accountants, create a case study on how to decreased financial waste in a small business. For lawyers and attorneys, you can write a case study on how you defended a client in business and were successful (if you were).
  6. Price Lists – Let’s face it guys. One of the most irritating things about browsing a business website is the fact many of us don’t put our prices because we think it may be awkward for prospects and clients. Wrong. Prices can help people understand what you are charging and whether they want to proceed.
  7. Guides – These are also starting to lose their meaning because many Ultimate Guides and Advanced Guides are not written in detail. You need to write them in detail, more than 2K+ words and ideally they should be 5K+ words.
  8. Quizzes – These add a dose of fun to your business. I think businesses in traditional sectors that don’t market heavily such as finance, accounting and legal would benefit from adding quizzes to their blogs.
  9. Pros & Cons – You can create a list of pros and cons about a specific topic related to your business.
  10. Audio Post – You could create a podcast or an audio recording of you talking about a topic for your business. If you are a lifestyle blogger, you could upload an audio post on how people can balance their full-time jobs with lifestyle blogging.Emoji 2
  11. Infographics – These are awesome visual posts that showcase information about a topic connected to your business. You can find a lot of inspiration for ingraphics on Pinterest.
  12. FAQ – Every website should have a detailed FAQ. Don’t be afraid to inject some humour or personality into your FAQ.
  13. Landing Pages – Include fresh landing page content to inspire more sales and traffic to your website.
  14. Buyer Guides – These are jet fuel for bloggers who rely on affiliate marketing to generate income. You can create buyer guides for all types of topics relating to your business. For example, if you are a personal finance blogger, you can write a buyer’s guide to credit cards in 2018 to attract people who are currently looking for a new credit card now.
  15. Fresh Link List – Links of interesting content you have found on the web is worth an addition to your blog. It also gets the attention of other brands and bloggers so that they can learn about your business.
  16. Guest Posts – These are popular within blogging circles. I think it’s more important for businesses that generate guest posts within their market.
  17. A Day In the Life Of – These are very popular in blogging and I think B2B companies can definitely generate traffic using them. If you are a lawyer, you can write about your daily work schedule or if you are a financial advisor, you can write about what you do every day.
  18. A Behind The Scenes Look Post – Showcasing the behind the scenes of your business is an excellent way to create a ‘tribe’ of people who really follow your business. You can show the behind the scenes of your marketing strategy for example.
  19. Experiment Posts – These posts are when you do something purposefully in order to write about it for your blog.
  20. A/B Test Blogs – These are very popular in the technology and optimisation markets. I would encourage A/B Test style posts for every business to add variety to your blog.
  21. Live-Blogging – If you have a sizeable audience for your blog, you could create a live-blogging post.
  22. Documentary – You could create a documentary for your business showing what you guys actually do. I like documentaries that are uploaded onto YouTube because they will help your business get ranked highly for search.
  23. Comparison Guides – These posts are rich in detail. For example, if you work for a financial services company, you can write a comparison guide about whether entrepreneurs should do their own accounting or if they should work with a dedicated accounting firm.
  24. A-Z Feature – People love A-Z posts. You can write the A-Z of lifestyle blogging if you are a lifestyle blogger or you can write the A-Z of divorce law if you are a divorce attorney.
  25. Resource Post – Include resources that your business has for potential customers.
  26. Tutorials – Write tutorials. Write many of them if you want to increase traffic.
  27. Interviews – Include an interview of someone prominent in your industry to create spikes of traffic for your blog.
  28. Statistics – Feature an article with top stats for your industry.
  29. Research – Discuss unique research you have done about your market.
  30. Questionnaire – You can upload a questionnaire/survey about your business and create content around the findings.
  31. Inspirational Content – Create an inspirational post to whip up emotion in your subscriber list.
  32. Authority Post – Establish yourself as the leading voice in your industry.
  33. Personal Posts – Share personal stories to show the human side of your business. Sometimes, personal stories are the ones that resonate the most.
  34. Marketing Fails – Sometimes writing an article about marketing fails can be illuminating for your subscribers.
  35. Q&A Post – Include Q+A Posts that actually deliver real answers.
  36. Recipe Post – This works for lifestyle bloggers.
  37. Organisational Posts – How to organise your business style posts.
  38. Company Updates – For small businesses, writing company updates is an awesome way to engage with your followers, prospects and customers.
  39. Earnings Releases – These are necessary for big businesses on the stock exchange.
  40. Screencast – Show screencasts of your business.
  41. Vlog – You can film a vlog of what you and your staff do every day.
  42. Mistake List – Write a list of mistakes that your customers need to avoid
  43. Step-By-Step Course – Write a course with many steps on how to do something. For example, an accountant can write a step by step course or guide to find the right advisor for an entrepreneur.
  44. Top Tips – Feature a list of top tips.
  45. Transcripts of Conferences – Always include transcripts of conferences that you have attended.
  46. SlideShare presentation slides – Include presentation slides for your B2B business.
  47. Trend Posts – Write a post about trends happening in your industry.
  48. Holiday Posts – Feature posts about holidays if they are relevant to your business.
  49. Calendar Posts – Financial advisors could create a Financial Calendar to Paying Your Bills and Taxes, for example. Lifestyle bloggers can create a calendar post on how many lifestyle posts they should include per day. Accountants can create a Tax Calendar for prospects and clients. Take a look at this calendar idea that you could use to create your calendar post: 1
  50. New Employee Hire Post – If you hire new staff, feature them on your page and showcase what they know.
  51. Slideshows – People love slideshows and so will your website’s traffic.
  52. Diaries – These are an excellent way of showcasing consumer behaviour. If you target consumers in your business, create diaries for your blog to generate traffic.
  53. Breaking News – Feature news that you have broken yourself to really make the traffic meter jump on your website.
  54. Manifesto – Write a compelling manifesto about your business.
  55. Annual Reports – Create an annual report to show how your business is growing.
  56. Parody Post – People love humour when it is done properly.
  57. Sarcastic Post – Be careful with sarcasm but if you are good at it, it can really work.
  58. Expense Report – People love reading about money. If you are running a financial services business, you could feature an expense report template that small business owners need to have.
  59. Competition – Feature competitions on your blog to increase interest on your website.
  60. Question Posts – Ask questions as the headline and write content around that.
  61. Adventure Posts – Write about an adventure that can be connected with your business
  62. Review Posts – Write detailed reviews about products in your industry
  63. Swipe File of Ideas – This is one of the hottest trends in content marketing and blog post writing at the moment. You can create a swipe file easily.
  64. Experiential Posts – Share experiences you have had that businesses or clients may be interested.
  65. Visual Posts – Images help blogs do well in search. Create visual posts to keep people engaged.
  66. Before and After Post – This post will do well for bloggers.
  67. Health Check Post – Write a post about the health of small businesses and what they should do to improve.
  68. Webinar – Create webinar posts to build traffic and grow prospects.
  69. Summary – Summaries are good ways of recapping things that have happened.
  70. Challenge Post – Showcase a challenge that you have overcome.
  71. Income Reports – These are super popular with bloggers at the moment.
  72. Series – Write blog posts in a series to keep prospects coming back.
  73. Shopping Recommendations – You can write a list of the top products customers need to buy in your industry.
  74. Re-write email newsletter content – You can repurpose your email content for blogs for your website. Don’t forget to sign up for my email newsletter for more tips.
  75. Blogging Experiment Posts – Write posts about how blogging for your business has helped you.

I hope these 75 awesome blog post ideas have helped you or I hope they really can help you create a content marketing strategy that will grow your business. You can always contact me if you need help in writing blogs or creating a content strategy and you can sign up to my free newsletter.

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