How Much Does It Cost To Get A Client Through Blogging & Content Marketing?


Content marketing is all the rage at the moment. 75% of marketers are going to increase budgets in content marketing, according to this source. 69% of content marketers in B2B focus on making content for their audience instead of their brand according to the same source.

It would be awesome to acquire customers without having to pay but that’s not the real world.

When you are trying to grow your business, you need to factor in how much you will spend for content marketing, if it is going to be in your budget.

Content marketing is a garden full of leads but only if you know how to plant the seeds

What you need to pay for in a standard content marketing campaign for a B2B company:

  • Blogs + Articles for your website
  • Social media content and promotion (such as writing Tweets, writing captions for Pinterest and writing content for Facebook Groups)
  • Design for media assets such as white papers, guides, eBooks and cheatsheets

This is what it will cost you to run a standard B2B content marketing campaign:

  • 2 blogs per week from an experienced writer who understands SEO principles and who you don’t expect to interview sources in the content: $0.10 – $0.20 per word
  • 2 blogs per week from an experienced journalist or writer who needs to interview people for your company blogs: $0.75 – $2 per word
  • Social media content creation: $0.05 per word or more for a standard writer, $0.15 for an experienced writer who will also cross-promote on their site
  • Graphic design for media assets: $200 per day for a solid graphic designer but it can be much higher depending on their experience such as if they come from an advertising agency background or have worked with blue-chip clients

Can I pay writers less for blogs and get tonnes of traffic?

Good writers won’t want to work with you. Excellent writers will literally write you off. It’s better to have fewer blogs and articles that are amazing, than cheaply written content that doesn’t rank in Google. I would suggest 1-2 blogs per week for B2B brands, and 3-4 posts per week for eCommerce brands in order to generate traffic that is worth it.

How long will it take to get a client who will pay?

It depends on your consistency and social media promotion schedule. If you are blogging and creating content every single day and promoting it, within 30 days you should be able to have a bunch of leads to grow your business. Out of 10 people who enquire, B2B companies should be able to convert 2 paying clients from this.

The less consistent you are, the harder it is to measure how fast it will take.

I will say 30 days for content marketing depending on your niche and 60 – 90 days for obscure B2B markets.

B2B companies who can create content every day are the ones who are setting themselves up for success because the more content you create that is good, the more people will see you.

Can I get clients through my email list?

Absolutely – however you need a sizeable list from 500+ email subscribers to see any benefit. If you write a solid email newsletter without being too aggressive, when you have an offer in the B2B world, you should be able to convert anything from 1% to 10% depending on your market.

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