Do you want to increase web traffic ASAP?

Bee Gif 3

The GIF above is how you should be feeling when you see your traffic S-P-I-KE

Guys, I love the feeling of analysing metrics and seeing what makes web traffic go UP or down. I know it can be difficult to do this on a low budget which is why I am delighted to offer a content advisory service just for the next 3 days. 

All you have to do to increase traffic is

  • Contact me on k.a.tibaijuka {at} and tell me you want the content advisory service
  • Send me a tweet on my Twitter account telling me you want the content advisory service

What you will get

  • A personalised audit on how to improve your content
  • What you need to do with content marketing to improve your web traffic
  • How to promote your content better
  • Dedicated content ideas


This special advisory will only cost you $25 and it will served over email. Offer is good for 3 days only, so contact me ASAP to start making your traffic go UP, UP and UP.

Contact me before the offer ends so that you can start dancing as you see your website grow!

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