Get my Free Email Marketing Checklist today – click here to get it ASAP

Email 8

Guys, I want all of you to be successful when it comes to digital marketing but I know it is extremely difficult. There is tonnes of competition and the whole world has woken up to the importance of email marketing and creating content.

I want all of you to succeed so I have created a free email marketing checklist that you can get from me.

How to get the free email marketing checklist

  • Email me at k.a.tibaijuka at and simply ask for your free email marketing checklist and I will email it you ASAP

You might be wondering why you need to email me. I want to know all of you and I want to be able to respond personally to each and everyone who gets my checklist. I am here for all of you and I want you to be successful – the personal touch matters in success.

You can also sign up to Imperial Strategy’s email newsletter – this is not a round-up of articles and blogs I have written here but it features more special content just for people who have signed up. Click here to sign up via email.

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