7 tips to create a massive email list for your business

It’s a dream to create an email list that is long and full of subscribers. You have probably heard of other businesses that have tonnes of subscribers and you want to know how you can do it. I have created this awesome Advanced Guide so that you can create an email list that is huge and ideal for your business.

Create an incredible lead magnet

A lead magnet is an information product that attracts people to sign up for your email newsletter. Your lead magnet needs to be incredible in order to generate new email subscribers for your list.

Create a Facebook page for your business and promote your list

A Facebook page is prime real estate to market and promote your business. It can do wonders for your email list as well, since many people who are on Facebook are also entrepreneurs and business executives. You can opt to do it with Facebook advertisements or you can try and grow your page organically, even though this will be difficult.

Create a LinkedIn Company page and fill it with content

LinkedIn Company Pages are underused when it comes to growing businesses. You can use these Company Pages to promote your email subscription link but you need to also have interesting and unique content that is shared on the LinkedIn Company Page.

Encourage subscribers to forward emails to others

This is a wonderful way to increase the number of email subscribers that you have for your business. Periodically remind your subscribers to share your best content with someone who they think it can help. This can help to net new subscribers.

Write epic content for your newsletter

In order to get new subscribers, you need to write epic content just for your newsletter, not just a round-up of the articles that you have written on your blog.

Get a B2B influencer to tweet your newsletter

A network of influencers who can promote your newsletter is worth its’ weight in goal. Work on connecting with B2B influencers who can boost the traffic to your email subscription link.

Don’t spam your subscribers with offers

Nothing turns people off more than the hard sell especially in emails. Your email list content should be focused about creating value for your customers. You do need to sell products to your email list, but don’t abuse the power they have given you by sharing their email.

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