5 lead magnet ideas to grow your email list

Magnet 1

Lead magnets are critical if you want to grow your email list into something special. They act as a way to literally pull people towards your list in order to subscribe. Getting someone to fill out their email address and name to get on your list requires effort on the part of the subscriber. You need to make it easier for them by offering lead magnets. Here are 5 of my favourite lead magnet ideas for your email marketing.

1 – A checklist

People love checklists because they keep people organised and they will them with workflow. Make the checklist detailed and have it designed beautifully so that your subscribers feel like they have received something special

2 – An e-book

E-books take a tonne of work to create but they can generate dividends for you in the form of new email subscribers. Write a general e-book relating to your market and offer it as the key lead magnet for your email list.

3 – Cheat sheet

Cheat sheets help people come up with tips and tricks to make their lives easier. You can make financial cheat sheets if you are running a financial services company or you can create software cheat sheets if you are the owner of a SaaS company.

4 – Playbooks

Playbooks feature plenty of incredible tactics and strategies. It is a content idea that originated in American football but you can also apply it to grow your email list for your business. The design needs to be amazing.

5 – Manuals

Manuals are like Advanced Guides on steroids. You can use these if you work in an instructional market that needs to explain to people how to use products.

Lead magnet ideas are really important if you are going to build an email list that is going to help your business go to the next level. I love these 5 lead magnet ideas because I think they are unique and fresh. Come up with other ideas or start with mine so you can start seeing results.

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