How to use email and blogging to grow your business

Cake 1

When you are baking a chocolate cake, you need to have ingredients that come together to create that smooth chocolate flavour. This is exactly the same when it comes to growing your small business in order to make it successful. I believe in the power of email and blogging in terms of growing businesses today. The rule book has changed and I am ready to help anyone who wants advice.

Grow your email list as a top priority

You need to make growing your email list as a top priority for your business. It doesn’t matter if your business is sexy and glamorous or if it isn’t. Your email list needs to be long and successful in order to grow. If you want to have a long email list, a social media strategy is necessary in order to make it happen.

Write 1-3 blogs per day for your business

Writing plenty of content takes time and effort. There is no point sugar-coating it. You have to write several blogs per day in order to generate new leads for your business. I like the idea of writing 1-3 blogs per day for small businesses and I like 1 blog per day for bloggers and consultants.

Email and Blogging Together = Success

Integrate email and  blogging everyday if you want to see exponential business growth. Don’t use them separately – use them together to slowly create a business and a brand that stands the test of time.

When building your email and blogging campaign, you are going to need to have a beautiful website that is always up 24/7. For this reason, consider using affordable web hosting from BlueHost for awesome results. 

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