The Advanced Guide to Growing Your Beauty Business

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All images in this Guide are mine and are owned by Imperial Strategy

From celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, cosmetics has become a red-hot market to create brands and businesses. There are stacks of beauty bloggers who have been given their own lines or have created their own product lines from eyelash lines to lipstick lines. In this new Advanced Guide, you are going to learn how to grow your beauty business to make it financially successful.

This Advanced Guide is perfect for you if – 

  • You want to grow a business in beauty segments such as hair, colour cosmetics and perfume
  • You are already in the beauty industry and you need marketing help

1 – Find the ideal products to sell


You need to think about what types of products you want to sell. It’s a better idea to focus on one segment instead of mixing all of them together and being overwhelmed. This means if you are going to sell colour cosmetics, just do that. If you are going to sell perfume, only sell perfume. Colour cosmetics have big margins but there is a lot of competition. 

2 – Sell in less competitive segments


The hair industry is ideal if you are trying to find less competitive segments. Liquid lipstick is overcrowded. If you create a haircare line that features shampoos, creams and conditioners, this is an excellent idea as there is less competition. You could also opt to create a hair extension line, however, this side has more competition. It’s a better idea to start in less competitive markets so that you can learn about the industry and make a living.

3 – Build your email list

You need to start building your email list as soon as possible. Email is a goldmine when it comes to acquiring customers. One of the most expensive things for beauty entrepreneurs to realise is that if your name isn’t Kim Kardashian West, you will have to pay to acquire customers. Paying for acquisition can be expensive and difficult if you don’t have the budget. This is why you need to start building your list and tracking how it is doing. You can get plenty of email marketing ideas from me if you join my list, for example. However, one of the best ideas that you can start using now is start building your list by using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Convince your followers on those platforms to begin subscribing to your email list.

4 – Write 2 emails per week – here’s why

To grow your beauty business, I suggest writing 2 emails per week. This is why.

  • Your first email should be highlighting the latest offers from your e-commerce site encouraging people to buy. You can also feature beauty tips and articles to add extra value to subscribers
  • Your second email should feature the behind the scenes information about how your company is doing. Customers want to be part of your story so share it with them.

2 emails is not annoying or spammy. Your customers will like to see the two sides of your business as well.

5 – Write detailed Beauty Guides for your customers


If you create gorgeous Beauty Guides for your customers, they will reward you with sales and social media mentions. There is so much information and data in the world to the point where we are all overwhelmed. If someone is trying to buy the perfect shade of red lipstick, create a Beauty Guide about how to buy the ideal shade of red lipstick. What will happen is Google will rank this guide and people who are searching for red lipstick will find you. If you have just started out, I would suggest writing 1-2 Beauty Guides per day in order to boost organic search traffic to your e-commerce store.

6 – Do high end photoshoots

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Customers for cosmetics and hair products are visual and they want to see stunning images that will encourage them to buy. You should invest in a good camera, a ring light and a studio if possible to shoot images that will convert on your e-commerce website.

7 – Work with micro-influencers

Popular influencers on Instagram charge big bucks if you want them to feature your product. Try working with micro-influencers instead. They won’t charge you as much money and they will be more engaged to work with your brand.

8 – Build your email list by promoting it everywhere

As your beauty e-commerce site starts to grow, this isn’t the time to get complacent about email because email will generate tonnes of sales for your website. Put email subscription links in your Pinterest bio, your Instagram bio, your Facebook page and your Twitter bio. Also include email subscription links at the end of every Beauty Guide that you write.

9 – Tell customers to contact you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an excellent way to nurture relationships with your customers. You can help with customer service here and you can share tips and tricks with them. Have a centralised number for WhatsApp so that all of your customers can contact you.

10 – Decrease cart abandonment by sending emails

Let’s face it – many potential customers never buy because they abandon their carts. If you can, send reminder emails to these customers that they did not go through with their purchase.

11 – Create a beautiful website and have stunning design


Customers want to be attracted by websites that look good. Hire an amazing website designer and use a hosting company like BlueHost in order to build the most gorgeous e-commerce site for your business. Your design needs to be incredible in order to get beauty sales. After all, you can’t be a beauty entrepreneur with an ugly e-commerce website. Look at your favourite beauty brands and see where they are going right with website design. Don’t forget to add an email sign up form in order to get new email subscribers for your business.

12 – Create a Pinterest and Instagram Strategy

You need to have a solid Pinterest and Instagram strategy if you want to build a huge beauty brand. Organic reach has decreased on Instagram so ads may be necessary but organic reach is still strong on Pinterest. Read as much as you can on how to grow on Instagram or work with an agency if you want faster results.

13 – Write content about your best-selling products

In business, one of the most important lessons you need to learn is focus on what works and don’t waste time with what is flopping. You will have a list of best-selling products. Focus your beauty business around these products by writing blogs, articles, guides and top tip lists about these products. This will encourage more people to purchase the products and it will retain the people who have already bought the products.

As you can see from this Advanced Guide, growing a beauty business is not easy but it can be achieved if you are serious about the following –

  • Growing your email list aggressively
  • Writing and creating beauty related content
  • Create a beautiful website with affordable hosting
  • Marketing and promoting your blog and e-commerce website

By following these three steps, you will be able to create a financially successful beauty business.

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