How to make money from your best Pinterest board


My best Pinterest board is about lipstick, lipgloss and other lip-related products. It is my top performing board with thousands and thousands of monthly impressions from around the world. Believe it or not – you can actually create new business opportunities by identifying your best Pinterest boards.

5 strategies to make money from your Pinterest board

Here are some of the new strategies that you can use to create revenue from your top performing Pinterest board –

Create an email list for your Pinterest board – Add the link for the email list in your Pinterest board’s description.

Use this email list to sell fans of your board new products – In my case, I could sell them lipsticks and lipglosses. I could also sell them information products

Create information products to sell via your board – In my case, I can create paid checklists and e-books on how to start your own lipstick business or how to sell lipsticks online.

Use the Pinterest board to create a landing page for e-commerce – You can also add a link to a landing page for e-commerce depending on what you want to sell.

Promote your best performing board via Instagram and Twitter – You can start marketing and promoting your board by using Twitter and Instagram to find people who will be interested in purchasing products after seeing your board.

If you want to grow your consumer business, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to making money and creating new revenue streams.

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