{CASE STUDY} – How a stay at home parenting blogger made more than $200,000 in one month from her blog and e-commerce

Sarah Titus is one of the most popular parenting and mum bloggers in the US. She recently shared her most updated income report. It found that she had made more than $200,000 in one month.

How did she do it?

  • The bulk of her revenue comes from her on-site e-commerce store – She has an e-commerce store that is connected to her main website and this is the key revenue generator for her business that she mentioned. E-commerce is an extremely powerful way to build a business if you are willing to put the time and effort that she did
  • She also makes money from affiliates – Sarah has a few affiliates that she works with and this helps to add to her revenue total
  • She created an inspirational brand – Sarah’s backstory is very inspiration. She escaped an abusive marriage to build a successful business and take care of her children. This resonates with her customers and it makes them want to support her brand.
  • She sells unique products – Sarah has a unique product mix from paid printables, binders, bundles and marketing tools that she sells on her website. I think the idea of paid printables is a really cool way to make money especially in the parenting space where consumers are always looking for advice on how to be better parents.
  • She has a mixture of prices – From $1 deals to $400 plus marketing tools, she has found a way to manage prices in a way that is affordable.
  • She has a lot of email subscribers – In her report, she talks about building her list. I keep telling you guys – email is critical if you are going to grow your business. The more email subscribers she has, the more printables she can sell.

Can you do this?

Sarah has an inspirational brand which is a really interesting angle in terms of creating a business. Few people can find a way to be inspirational in a way that is authentic but she is. I like the idea of what she did of creating an e-commerce business connected to her blog so she doesn’t lose her blog traffic. This is a wonderful idea and it decreases the amount of work by creating a separate website.

I think you could do this but you need to pick a market that doesn’t have a lot of competition and pick a market that is true to you. The stay at home parenting market is become crowded at the moment but there are other niches that would benefit from an approach like this such as fitness, personal finance and digital marketing.

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