How to write email newsletter content that subscribers want to read

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If you want to grow your email list, you need to create content that subscribers want to read. It’s that simple. Your open rate will be low if your content is terrible. Here are some of my top tips on how to write your email newsletters –

  • Feature interviews from interesting people – Subscribers care what fun and fascinating people have to say.
  • Write about how your business is growing – Subscribers love learning about how your business is doing without you giving the hard sell.
  • Write email newsletters that are around 500 words long
  • Use headlines so that the email content is easy to skim – People hate paragraphs. Always remember that.
  • Include images only when it is relevant

Your email content will depend on your market and your business. Please have a look at an example below of what I would do. If I was the CEO of a financial services company that helps people manage their money, here is what I would write in my email newsletter –

  • Include government regulation news
  • Write an interview with a clients who is happy with your services
  • I’d feature a short article about how clients can manage inheritances
  • I’d feature a short paragraph on how clients can save money for retirement

Your email content should be short and sweet, yet it should feature plenty of information that can help your clients.

Remember – the whole point of your email list is to help your customers. Create content that helps clients and customers via email, and you will increase the amount of subscribers that you have.

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