{CASE STUDY} – How fashion bloggers can grow their revenues by creating email lists

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Fashion bloggers have plenty of opportunities to grow their business through brand partnerships, advertising and sponsorships. If you are a fashion blogger, you need to take a look at my top tips of how you can increase revenues by growing your email list. I have created a case study of how I would do it if I was you. Here’s how to do it –

  • Send email newsletters every week of your best outfits – Your best outfits are gold mines to make money. You can send one email a week of your best outfits and you can include affiliate links.
  • Encourage all of your Instagram followers to subscribe – Instagram is a fashion lover’s Mecca. You should make your followers on Instagram subscribe to your email newsletter. Put the subscribe link in your Instagram biography.
  • Offer higher advertising costs for your email newsletter – Brands want to sponsor you and you should offer them an email newsletter in order to generate revenue that can sustain your lifestyle. Charge them more money to reach your targeted email subscribers.
  • Create a fashion line and sell it to your email subscribers – Your email list love what you do. If you are a fashion blogger, you should create a fashion line and sell it to your email list first. They will be more likely to purchase your products and services.
  • Do giveaways for email subscribers – You need to encourage signups and one way to do this is by doing giveaways.
  • Showcase offers and promotions in your email list – Fashion email subscribers are people who love to shop. Use your email list to showcase offers from brands and get the brands to pay you.

Fashion bloggers can make consistent monthly revenues by focusing on growing their email lists. Your email list is a gold mine full of potential customers who might want to purchase your services and products.

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