27 marketing tips for bloggers to grow their businesses

27 marketing tips for bloggers to grow their businesses

Guys – I know how hard it can be to try and grow your blog. I have said this many times, but your business cannot grow without a blog to anchor your business. Your blog acts as an anchor to build your business by providing you with a foundation. If you are a blogger or entrepreneur and you want to build a successful business, you need to follow these marketing tips today.

  1. Have stunning design to make your blog look good
  2. Create a blogging schedule
  3. Write 3 detailed guides every week that are at least 2,000 words
  4. Write one 10,000 word guide per month to create authority for your blog
  5. Create a Pinterest profile to generate referral traffic
  6. Start a Facebook page to repost your blogs and articles
  7. Build your Twitter following – Twitter followers love clicking on links
  8. Create a YouTube channel to make videos
  9. Create long form videos to get more subscribers
  10. Shoot shorter videos to generate traffic for your channel
  11. Contact advertisers directly to create revenue for your business
  12. Join an advertising network if you can’t sell directly
  13. Use affiliate links to generate sales for your blog
  14. Spend plenty of time every day writing blogs and articles, and promoting them after you publish them
  15. Use the weekends to build your blog’s traffic via Pinterest by posting infographics from your website
  16. Write top 100 lists featuring images and gifs
  17. Join Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and bloggers so you can promote your website
  18. Build your email list
  19. Create products that you can sell to your email subscribers
  20. Increase followers on your WordPress site and encourage them to sign up to your dedicated email newsletter
  21. Use keyword tools to look for the best performing keywords in your target market. You can also look for low ranking keywords
  22. Create long tail keywords for your blog so that people can find you organically
  23. Increase your referral traffic every week
  24. Create a pop-up sign for people to subscribe to your email newsletter
  25. On your contact us page, encourage people to email you for business opportunities
  26. Promote your blog on all of your social media biographies
  27. Find your top-performing Pinterest board and change the biography to include a link to your e-commerce store if you have one

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