Top 5 content marketing ideas if you are a lawyer or an accountant

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If you are trying to build your B2B brand, you need content in order to attract prospects and leads to your website. We all want to grow our business to be incredibly successful but doing this without a pipeline of prospects can be difficult to do. If you are a lawyer or an accountant, you are reading the right guide to help you promote your business while still on the right side of the law. Depending on what country you are based in, you might not be able to be aggressive with your advertising or promotions. Content marketing can act as an excellent way to showcase your accountancy or legal services without being too aggressive.

  1. Write detailed case studies and testimonials 

Lawyers and accountants will live and die by their case studies and testimonials. People need to know what you do an excellent job when it comes to your legal or accountancy work. Find your best clients, interview them if they are okay with being public about it and write detailed case studies from start to finish. If you do not know how to write detailed case studies, find a specialised writer or hire an agency to help you do this. Showcase the best case studies and testimonials on your website in order to create trust between you and the person who visits your website.

2. Write a weekly email newsletter

Email might seem like a dinosaur in the age of social media and Instagram but lawyers and accountants will see plenty of ROI if they use email. Email is like a magnet between you and the people on your list. You can offer legal perspectives in your legal newsletter or you can offer your views on new tax laws if you are an accountant. Every now and then, you can softly encourage the people on your list to purchase your services or to come in for a consultation. Email should not be ignored because it is a powerful tool if you are serious about growing your business.

3. Offer insights and views 

The legal and accountancy professions are subject to laws and government regulations depending on where you live. Your potential clients don’t know that. Use the blog section of your website to offer insights and views on changes in government laws and regulations that affect accountancy and law so potential clients see you as an authority figure.

4. Make yourself available to press or media

Journalists especially on local TV are always looking for experts to comment on stories. Make friends with journalists and reporters so if there is a story that requires legal or accountancy comment, you can comment and this will help to improve your business’ image and therefore it could bring more business to your company.

5. Write 3 blogs per week about your market

Lawyers and accountants should endeavour to write 3 blogs per week about their business, market and showcase insights. 3 blogs is enough to generate traffic but of course more is better. While this seems like a lot of work, it is important to be consistent in order to see results.

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