The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Email List

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Email List

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Growing your email list should be one of your top priorities if you are serious about growing your businesses. Regardless of whether your business is new or established, an email list is something that acts like a magnet to help you maintain your client base.

Why is so email so important and why won’t marketers stop talking about it?

Marketers will not stop talking about email because email helps you to keep the customers or prospects that you have worked hard to get. Whether the person has purchased or not, the fact that s/he has joined your list means it is harder for them to leave. An Instagram follower can opt to simply unfollow you and move on. An email subscriber is not like this. Read this guide carefully so you can learn about how to grow your email list.

Step 1 – Find an email newsletter software company to build your list on 

Mailchimp is simple and free depending on how many subscribers you have. If you are a beginner, this is the best company that you can choose. If you are more advanced, there are options such as Aweber and ConvertKit.

Step 2 – Decide what your email list will be about

Do you want to use your email list to promote your business or to share ideas and insights? If you go for the latter, you will increase subscribers but if your newsletter is too promotional, you will lose subscribers.

Email newsletters that focus on creating value for the subscribers are the ones that see the most success. Of course you want to sell your products and services but you need to wait until the time is right to send an offer to your email list.

Step 3 – Be Consistent

Choose between these frequencies –

1 – Daily

2 – Weekly

3 – Monthly

It is probably better to send a weekly email newletter whether you are running a B2C or a B2B company. Daily is too much and can get irritating for subscribers while monthly is not frequent enough. Whatever frequency you choose, you need to stick to it regardless of what happens.

Step 4 – Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to promote your list

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If you want more subscribers, get clever and start using other social media platforms to get new subscribers for your list. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can be useful places to find new subscribers if you create a campaign that makes sense.

Step 5 – Write the content for your email list

You can decide to use humour or you can be serious when it comes to your list. Make sure it fits the voice that your subscribers and ensure that you write in a way that is authentic to you. Here are some email list content ideas that you can try if you don’t have any content ideas yet –

  • Checklist for your prospects
  • Top 100 tips for clients in your industry
  • A weekly roundup of insights and industry news
  • An interview with an authority figure in your industry

Step 6 – Manage your analytics

Software like Mailchimp will tell you open rates for your email newsletter and it will show you what types of content your subscribers are opening. You need to watch your analytics because they will show you what types of content you need to write in your email list.

Why your email list is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy

Your email list is critical to the growth of your business online. If you are running a delivery business where you deliver parcels in your local area, you need an email list of potential customers and people who have already purchased. You can share offers and content about the delivery business so that you can sell to passionate customers more.

Grow your email list today with our top tips from this Ultimate Guide. If you want to be successful and have a long email list, start putting in the work today and be consistent. It takes several months but it can be worth in the long run. Some businesses have as many as 200,000 email subscribers. With many subscribers, you can launch new products and services to grow your business.

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