How to create a passionate fanbase that can’t wait to buy your products

Fan 1

Whether you are the CEO of a B2B business or a B2C brand, you need to think about how you are going to get customers to buy. You can’t just hope customers purchase products from you – you actually have to cultivate a fanbase of people who are passionate about your brand. This is easier to do in the B2C world but it does not mean that you can’t do it with B2B. FedEx and DHL have loyal clients who stick with them, so think outside of the box. I am going to share some excellent ideas on how you can create a passionate fanbase that will be loyal to you and your business:

1 –  Create a brand that people care about

You need to care about your brand before anyone else does. Forget about making money or just trying to make it a profit centre for your business goals. Your business needs to be a brand that delivers for customers who have purchased products or services from you. You can become a brand through marketing such as social media, content marketing and by helping your customers achieve their goals.

2 – Be known for one thing and do it well

Beyoncé is known for her songs about female empowerment and uplifting women. While she sings about other things, this is a key theme in her music. Follow music stars and be known for something that you do better than everyone else. If you are in a B2B business such as the fact you are a dentist or you are a doctor, you should let your specialism shine when it comes to promoting your practice. If you are a dentist, be known for the Hollywood smile since that is the look everyone wants.

3 – Know your top followers by their first name

Going to the effort to know your fans by their first name seems like a lot of work but it will pay off for your business. Some top followers or fans may not have purchased yet. Follow them and show interest in their lives so that they see that you truly care. They may purchase later or they may recommend your business to someone who can buy.

4 – Create products that people want to buy

This is one of the most important elements of building your fanbase. Know what your fans and followers want and give it to them. If you are running an ice cream business and you notice that your customers are asked for salted caramel, stop making other flavours and deliver the salted caramel flavour that they want. Always create products that people want to buy because this is the petrol that fuels your fanbase.

5 – Create special packages for superfans

Superfans know how to let everyone know about what you are doing. You can create special packages for superfans and send it to them to show your appreciation for their custom and their passion for your brand. Don’t send these packages to influencers – send them to superfans and watch how the superfans will help build your brand for you.

Building a fanbase takes effort but it can be achieved if you are serious about growing your fanbase into something significant. Start using our top tips and tell us how you get on to build your fanbase.

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