45 marketing ideas for fashion and jewellery wholesalers

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Fashion and jewellery wholesalers want to grow their businesses and find new retailers who want to purchase their stock. However, changes in the wholesale industry and the growth of direct to consumer sales means that wholesalers need to get smart about how they are going to find new clients. Take a look at our top marketing ideas for fashion and jewellery wholesalers.

45 marketing ideas for fashion and jewellery wholesalers

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  1. Open an Instagram page and start posting organic pictures
  2. Update Instagram Stories every day
  3. Connect with Instagram influencers with under 10,000 followers to post pictures
  4. Follow retailers on Instagram
  5. Send direct messages – DMs – to retailers to see if they will purchase your stock
  6. Start a Pinterest account
  7. Get Pinterest followers and get referral traffic on your website
  8. Write fashion or jewellery blogs on your website
  9. Write at least x5 fashion or jewellery articles per week
  10. Take original pictures not just of the product but how the wholesale products will look in store
  11. Share your fashion and jewellery blogs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  12. Join wholesale Facebook groups
  13. Follow retailers on Twitter and engage with them
  14. Send cold-emails to fashion boutiques and ask them to purchase your products
  15. Create a wholesale catalogue and send it to your potential clients
  16. Create an email newsletter full of tips on how retailers can sell more product to their customers
  17. Send one promotion per week to your email list per week by offering a wholesale offer if customers buy today
  18. Target market stall owners and join their Facebook groups
  19. Create a Facebook page and promote it with a small budget to reach your target audience
  20. Create a joint Instagram and Pinterest marketing campaign
  21. Write jewellery blogs about engagement rings
  22. Write jewellery blogs and articles about cocktail rings and costume jewellery, two of the fastest growing segments of jewellery online today
  23. Create YouTube videos of your new wholesale jewellery
  24. Promote these videos on Facebook and Twitter
  25. Make gifs of your new wholesale fashion and jewellery shipments
  26. Write a weekly trend report to send to your retailers
  27. Send handwritten thank you notes to your best customers to retain their business
  28. Send top tip documents on how your best retail customers can make their business grow
  29. Learn about e-commerce retail challenges and tell your best retail customers what they should be aware of
  30. If you are a jewellery wholesaler, create a celebrity jewellery guide for your website to increase organic searches
  31. If you are a fashion wholesaler, create a celebrity fashion guide for your website to increase traffic since people love searching about what celebrities are wearing
  32. Create a Snapchat account if your wholesale business is growing and you have noticed that your purchasing customers are on there
  33. Send your retail customers an Instagram marketing guide on how they can sell to more people if they purchase your clothing
  34. Start growing your Pinterest audience so you can increase website referral traffic for your business
  35. Send a colourful parcel in the post to retailers you want to attract with samples of your clothing
  36. Shoot lookbooks that are fresh and new and publish them on your website
  37. Showcase hot trends before they blow up on the Internet on your website first as this will increase traffic to your website
  38. Read fashion magazines and write editorial inspired articles for your wholesale website
  39. Rewrite your fashion wholesale product descriptions in order to increase sales
  40. Shoot videos for your website of how the clothes look like on real models so that more retailers can purchase your products
  41. Sponsor a rising YouTube influencer to shoot a video where she mentions your wholesale brand a few times. People who watch her could be boutique owners who want to buy your products.
  42. Offer discounts to the best customers that you have
  43. Create a VIP wholesale club for your best customers so they see the latest trends first
  44. Do a fashion show and invite retailers that you want to purchase your wholesale products
  45. For jewellery wholesalers, hire a hand model with impeccable nails to wear your rings and bracelets and shoot videos that you can share on Twitter and YouTube

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