You are missing out on sales and revenue when you stop doing this ONE thing

Guys one of the biggest mistakes that brands, entrepreneurs and businesses make is this massive mistake below. I still can’t believe after years of social media marketing, people are still making this mistake:

Failing to respond to people on social media

It’s so disappointing to see businesses fail to respond. It’s even worse when it is small business entrepreneurs. I recent started following a media guru with a good chunk of followers on Twitter. I’ve been interacting with her, replying to her tweets. She never replies. 

How are you going to sell your products and services if you don’t engage with the people who follow you?

Let’s stop making stupid mistakes like these entrepreneurs who are leaving money on the table by failing to reply. 

You need to respond to every email, Twitter reply and Instagram comment that exists. You never know which person could truly be serious about purchasing your services or products. 

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