10 New Ideas to Increase Sales By $20,000 this month

10 New Ideas to Increase Sales By $20,000 this month

In my previous tutorial, I talked about how you can generate $10,000 or more selling beauty products via e-commerce. In this feature, I am going to highlight 100 unique and new ideas of how you can grow your business sales by at least $10,000 in one calendar month of 30 days. Try one of these ideas or a few of them depending on what you can handle and let me know how you get on. Action matters, not just reading the ideas.

  1. Start an influencer marketing agency where you connect influencers and brands together. Charge each brand at least $1,000 or more per influencer x 20 brands, you will therefore reach the $20K a month target.
  2. Become a consultant where you charge $10,000 per month for a retainer. All you have to do is find 2 clients who will pay this retainer and then you will reach the target.
  3. Sell toys online for $20 each. Sell 1,000 toys in just a month to reach the $20K target.
  4. Find 2 companies that are listed on smaller stock exchanges and charge them $5k each to write their annual reports. Companies need annual reports written in order to look professional to their stakeholders.
  5. Find 20 graphic design clients who are ready to pay $1k for your design services
  6. Create a blog and sell advertising banners and sponsorships that reach the total
  7. Create a waste management business where you serve corporate clients. No one wants to deal with trash so you can definitely generate revenue to total $20K if you know where to look
  8. Start a B2B social media agency where you manage the Facebook and Instagram pages of busy B2B brands. Charge a retainer of around $2,000 per month and find 10 clients per month
  9. Create a research project for an oil and gas company and charge $20k to have the work done
  10. Become a social media influencer and have brands pay for sponsorships across your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Can these 10 ideas really get me to $20,000 in a month?

They can but as you can see, it is going to require some work due to the marketing and sales that is required. One of the biggest problems I have noticed with small businesses and entrepreneurs recently is many of us want the sales to appear out of nowhere. It would be great to wake up to $20K in our account overnight but it needs to be earned. If you divide the target into achievable chunks, you could make it happen.

Finding B2B clients to reach this target will require aggressive prospecting. If you can spend 4-6 hours per day sending cold emails and calling prospects, you will create a pipeline of leads and eventually get paying clients.

Be Serious and start looking for clients in order to get to this revenue level.

You can also contact me for help or advice. 

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