10 content marketing ideas for company blogs and entrepreneurs

Having a company blog for your business is important if you are going to generate organic leads. Not everyone likes picking up the phone so if you want to get new leads for your business, you have to start blogging and create content for potential clients. I’ve come up with 25 content marketing ideas that you need to try today in order to grow your business online. This post is ideal for you if you are running a B2B business or you are an entrepreneur growing your latest business. 

  1. Case Studies – These can be your case studies or others
  2. Ultimate Guides – These should be long and detailed
  3. Mini Guides to your business
  4. List posts – These lists should be from 10 or more. Ideally you should have 100 points in a list article
  5. Top tip articles – These can be the top tips relating to your business. For example, top tips when choosing a plumber or top tips when working with a waste management company.
  6. Manuals – These can be detailed manuals on how to use products
  7. Factsheet – Concerning the facts of your business
  8. Tipsheets  – These can be tips on how to use services relating to your business without giving too much detail
  9. Research Reports – These should feature research relating to your business market while educating your potential buyer
  10. How-to articles – These are critical if you want to grow your business because they teach your potential customers. For example, if you are an accountant, you can write an article on how small businesses can manage cashflow.

Use these ideas to make your company blog successful. Try and post every day or every other day in order to see success and to grow your base of leads.

Contact me for more content marketing ideas. 

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