18 ideas to increase sales and revenue ASAP

We’ve all been at that stage where you need to increase revenue or sales as soon as possible. It can be hard to do this when you are strapped for cash or if you are distracted. If you need to increase business revenue ASAP, this post is for you.

This post will be excellent for you if –

  • If you work in sales and you are not hitting your targets
  • If you are an entrepreneur and you are struggling to generate sales or revenue
  • If you are running multiple businesses, but your business sales are decreasing
  • If you are going through business declines

18 tips to follow today – read below

  1. Offer a promotion for customers who buy today
  2. Include free shipping on your e-commerce site
  3. Tell clients that if they buy today, they will get a free consultation from you after they pay
  4. Call old clients and ask them to purchase new services
  5. Start sending at least 25 cold emails per day until you get a paid project
  6. Start blogging every day to generate new leads
  7. Open an Instagram account for your business and offer specific promotions for the channel
  8. Create a website connected to your business and sell advertising on it
  9. Ask for client referrals
  10. Sell products that people want to buy
  11. Sell products in a market that is under served
  12. Start cold calling around 50 businesses to get a project
  13. Have a sales blow-out day for one day to encourage old customers to buy
  14. Offer 2-for-1 offers to consumers
  15. Offer more expensive services for B2B customers instead of cheaper services
  16. Change your marketing strategy
  17. Run a $100 marketing campaign and aim to get $1000 in revenue from it
  18. Ask a friend with many social media followers to advertise your business for free on their profile so you can get referral sales

These ideas can be used from today onwards to empower you to increase sales and revenue in your business. It’s not enough to daydream about generating revenue – you actually need to do it by taking action.

Start today


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